Bleeding after punch biopsy

Hi, I am new to this site and hoping a few people won't mind giving me some reassurance and advice :) I had a smear test before Xmas and results came back abnormal. I was told by my gp that I would be referred to the hospital for further testing. 5 days ago I had my colposcopy and in all the leaflets I received beforehand and also on the nhs websites it says that the doctor will perform lletz at the appointment if they see something abnormal. The specialist told me during my colposcopy that it looked like CIN3 on my cervix and took a punch biopsy but didn't make any attempt to take anything else away with lletz. Is there a reason why they wouldn't do it there and then? Also in the letters I received before my appointment it said that biopsy results would take 4-6 weeks, I was told that mine would take 2-3 weeks, so now my mind is working overtime. I would really appreciate hearing from other people who have had the same experience as me and what the outcome was for them. I've had the usual discharge since the punch biopsy, grey stringy tissue looking stuff and the odd speck of brown blood but then had an unexpected bout of fresh blood coming out of me. It didn't last long but soaked a pad but has since stopped. Is this fairly normal? I don't have a fever or pain and no offensive smells so don't think it could be an infection. Tia for replying :) x

Hi hun, i dont know about the colposcopy, all i would say is every consultant and practise seems to vary and work differently to what I have read in forums. 

My biopsy was done 2 weeks ago, and i was told it will take up to 4 weeks for results..but again I have seen discussions of less time and of more time.

In regards to bleeding that sounds normal. Unfortunately i bled for 2 days..then came on my actual period which was horrendous. I felt how i felt bleeding after giving birth and was loosings clots ect, flooding jeans through double padding at least every half hour to. Thankfully thats now all stopped.

Good luck with your results xx