Bleeding after punch biopsy


Had colposcopy and punch biopsy on 30th March.

All went fine, uncomfortable but not painful.

Had some light bleeding/brown discharge for about 5 days after and some cramps.

Today, 2 and a half weeks later ,started bleeding again. Very dark brown and some clots. Also having cramps.

I am on cerezette so dont get periods.

Is bleeding so long after normal? Still waiting results from biopsy as well.

Hi Jess. I'm a newbie and I had the punch biopsys  done on Wednesday.  I also have an implant so I'm not used to having periods either. My cramps have been quite bad. I hope you got this sorted and got your results? I was suprised it can take upto 6 weeks for the results from this. It's a constant waiting game 


Handy xxx


Hi Handy,

Bleeding finally stopped after 7 days!

Got my results and been confirmed as CIN3 but that is all the letter says. I've got an appointment on 5th May for treatment but I don't know what treatment until I get there!

It is so frustrating that so little info is given and no one ever answers the phone when I call the number I was given.

I assume I will be getting LLETZ. Fingers crossed that goes well and that will be the end of it.

Thanks for your reply.

Hope all goes ok with you. 

I had my smear on 25th Feb, colposcopy 31st March, results 4 weeks later and treatment appointmnet for 5th May.


Hi Jess.  Only just spotted this sorry for not replying sooner. Your appointment is tomorrow then. I wish you lots of luck. My bleeding was for 8 days. Still no word from my biopsys but then it's only been 13 days. The waiting is just awful. I went for my smear 9th March and then colposcopy 22nd April. I'm assuming when my letter comes it might have more info than yours? Seen as she's already told me treatment will need a general anesthetic. ...  let me know how it goes please. Thinking of you xxx

Hi Handy,

Thanks for replying. Had Lletz today with local anesthetic.

All went fine and the doctor and nurse could not have been nicer. They out me so at ease and to be honest the procedure was a doddle.

Bit uncomfortable but nothing too bad at all. Feeling a bit crampy and tiered now and glad it's over.

They said I won't have to go back for 6 months now and should hopefully get the all clear and go back to usual 3 yearly smears.

I waited 4 weeks for my biopsy and the appointment for today was only 2 weeks later.

I hope you hear soon and everything goes well for you Xx