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I’m new to this page after being informed about it by my doctor. I’m 24 and have recently been for my first Smear. During which the nurse noticed a lump on my cervix that coupled with bleeding after sex and between periods has raised red flags with her. After further discussion she’s rather concerned as my mum had cervical cancer and the last 4 generations on my dad’s side have had at least 1 member with cervical cancer. I’m awaiting my consultation with gynecology which has been rushed as urgent and should happen by the end of next week. I’m also booked in for a scan on the 16th ( external and internal). I’m hoping someone will be able to tell me what to expect as I’m absolutely terrified especially as I have 2 young children and I’m sure you all can imagine the nightmares I’ve been having. I don’t know what to expect these next few weeks and it’s really affecting me as I suffer from postnatal depression and anxiety. Thank you all for reading!

Hi Steph1717

Oh goodness I’m so sorry you are faced with this situation and I can certainly empathise with how terrified you must be feeling albeit in my case I was a lot older and didn’t have young children when my problem started. Easy to say but try and take things as they come and not jump to conclusions; it really is best to stay away from Google because it will only cause more worry.

I had an urgent referral to the gynaecologist following abnormal discharge and bleeding. I saw a male doctor who asked me some questions about myself,my health in general then more specific questions about my gynae problems. I was then shown to an examination room and a female nurse got me to lie on an examination couch and gave me a paper towel to lay over my pubic area for dignity reasons. The nurse then let the doctor know I was ready and he attempted an internal examination using a speculum to enable my cervix to be seen; I say attempted because in my case I was unable to tolerate the speculum because I had vaginal atrophy as a result of menopause - it’ll be much like when you went for your smear except there’ll be more equipment to help you be more comfortable. The nurse was with me all the the time I was in the examination room - both as a chaperone and to reassure me - she kindly offered to hold my hand.

It is very likely you will need to have biopsies (tiny samples) taken from the abnormal area of your cervix and it’s very possible that could happen during your first appointment - I can’t tell you much about that because I my biposies were done under a general anaesthetic about a week after my gynae appointment. The biopsies will be sent to the histology laboratory to help make an accurate diagnosis. Depending on the doctor and what he sees during your examination you may be given a better idea of what the problem is during your first appointment.

Before your appointment it’s an idea to jot down your symptoms so you can give the doctor accurate and complete information, also any questions you think you might want to ask - it’s easy to forget things during the actual appointment.

Someone else might come along to share their own experience. Feel free to ask any questions.

Best wishes


Thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply!
I’ve avoided Google as I know the downward spiral that can lead to withing 5 minutes of googling a cold turns into needing your leg amputated!
Your reply has really helped ease my anxiety as I have a better idea of what to expect.
Hopefully things will go well and I’ll have some more information next week! The not knowing is awful isn’t it!
I hope you are well and I really appreciate you helping my anxiety levels!

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I’m so sorry you’re going through this, the anxiety whilst waiting for appointments and results is torturous. Try and do things with the kids to distract you. Whatever it is has been found and it will now be treated. You’re also getting seen quickly which is excellent.

Jazza has given you a lot of good info of what to expect. I agree to write everything down that you want to say in advance. Family history, symptoms and any questions. When you’re nervous you’re more likely to forget something. I know I did!
I was referred for a colposcopy following a HPV positive result and cell changes. At my colposcopy the consultant took a biopsy but no treatment. I know many people get treatment the same day though. My results came back as CGIN which are glandular changes. Due to this I had to have a hysteroscopy and I got a LLetz under a general. The results of this confirmed CGIN but also an area of CIN 3.

Please keep us posted how you get on. xx

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Thank you! I’m currently having a nightmare with Gynecology as they are refusing to see me as I’m not urgent but my Dr said I am due to family history!