Positive for HPV and LGSIL for 10 years, should I do LEEP?

So I’ve been positive for HPV for 10 years. I have a colposcopy and biopsy every year. In 2015? 2019 and now 2024 I’ve had CIN1. This year all of my biopsies were CIN1, including the ECC. My Dr said I can choose the LEEP, she’s worried we might be missing something, or wait 6 months and biopsy again. She said she won’t let me go another year without checking. I’m US based, why I called it a LEEP. She left the choice to me, but I’m really struggling to decide. Any advice?

The LEEP can kickstart your immune system to clear the HPV, it may be worth considering if it is persistent CIN1 and not going away by itself. I would try and speak to your doctor about what the best thing to do will be.

So it regresses and comes back. I never have a normal pap. My Dr said it’s up to you, we did talk a long time about it. She said it’s a tough decision, but since I’ve had this so long she’s worried we might be missing something.

I would seriously consider a leep in this case if the doctor is worried they are missing something I’d definitely want to make sure by having a leep but it is entirely your decision. Maybe research what the leep involves and recovery etc before making a decision.

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