CIN3 in 2015 and still HPV positive - ongoing issues

Hi there, hope you’re all well.

In 2015 when I went for my first smear age 25, the results came back as HPV positive and CIN3 so had the LLETZ treatment where they had to remove a large part of my cervix. I have been under regular monitoring since then (either 6 months or yearly except a break when I was pregnant), and I have NEVER had a HPV negative result and colposcopy/biopsies still show CIN1/2, even after 7 years and treatment.

Last year, I had issues with abnormal/heavy bleeding which turned out to be an ectropion, which was removed. Things seemed to settle a bit after this, however, the last few months I am getting more abnormal and heavy bleeding in between periods (which are still irregular, probably as I am breastfeeding). I’m also experiencing weight loss and extreme lower back pain.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar with regards to sustained HPV that their body can’t seem fight, as well as reoccurring abnormalities despite treatment plus irregular bleeding and other worrying symptoms? My next appointment for colposcopy is in March so I’m unsure whether to wait till then or speak to my GP and try to expedite the process…

Any help and advice is much appreciated! Thanks in advance and wishing you all a lovely Christmas ahead :heart:

Hi there,
I can’t speak from experience since i had my LEEP only last week, but i would suggest you speak with your GP, tell him/her what is concerning you and see what he/she advices.
Take care and Merry Christmas!