Please help my head is frazzled

Hi again,
They booked me in for a colposcopy and still went ahead even though I had my period,
The nurse rang me up 2 weeks later as she knew I was worried because I was away visiting family, she said that to relax and I’d probally be called in again in 6 months for another smear,

However I was a third of the way driving to see my family again to stay until and for Xmas and the woman from the colposcopy rang me at 4.45pm and said there was medium cell changes and that I needed to have the second piece sent away (they couldn’t do it on the day I went because she couldn’t see anything)

As I was at a petrol station she said about it and I can hardly remember the conversation because it was so out of the blue as she told me I wouldn’t need to be seen again,

She was saying “it’s not a cure” and id need to have a few done and then went on to pregnancy and said if I was to get pregnant id go into labour early,
I remember me saying to her,
What do you think I should do and she said “it’s you that has to make the choice”
I was so frazzled that I said “can you ring me Monday”

I drove to a layby and rang back but they were closed, so I’ve now had to turn back to go home incase it’s serious,

I don’t want to put anything off if it needs to be done,

I am just annoyed because she told me that I didn’t need to worry,

So Ill have to wait until tomorrow to see if it’s important to have it done ASAP or okay to go and see family?

Anyone else had similar?

Ah, how annoying and upsetting for you. This really annoys me - especially if you told the nurse you were driving at the time - to phone you and tell you verbally important information that you are in no position to remember or act on… I’m sorry you didn’t get to your family. Please do ring tomorrow and ask the nurse to put it in WRITING and email you with the information and any results that they have received. This will allow you time to process the information and to talk to someone about what it all means. This is part of their duty of care. If they are unable to provide you with any written information (this would be ridiculous in my opinion) ask that details be sent to your GP so that you can have it properly explained to you. X

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