Advice please

HI I went for a smear on Friday and the nurse said she couldn't do it as I had a huge cyst.. The GP came in and here was a bit of whispering etc, he then referred me to the 2 week fast track - I had an appt come through this morning to my phone saying Thursday out patients and then they phoned and said I have to go straight for a Coloscopy tommorow as the gynecologist had looked Ataga my referral and decided I needed a Biopsy immediately - any advice please as this has half scared me to bits! I'm an absolute mess and really scared.....

Hi jo, 

I don't have wisdom to impart, I'm sure you must be going stir-crazy. I'm also struggling to shut my brain off and get a good night's sleep (as you can see by the fact I'm reading through forums at gone midnight Embarassed

The way they've rushed you in has probably left you with even more worries and questions- but the good news is that by fitting you in sooner you will get answers and treatment sooner! 

Hope your colposcopy/biopsy was bearable today, and that you hear back from them soon. 

Best wishes x