period-type pain

Hi ladies. I finished treatment (chemo, radio & brachy) on 27/10. Periods stopped before then but I keep getting a period type lower belly ache. Is this anything to worry about?

I get all sorts of aches, pains and cramps now! I think it is just a side effect :/ Can you speak to your nurse?x

I had all sorts of niggling pains after treatment. chemoradiation is pretty tough on your insides so you will feel some discomfort in your tummy. 

I remember describing them in detail to my oncologist....she never looked too worried...would give me a thorough internal examination and tell me all looked and felt good. 

Big hugs,



I get the same thing it's so annoying and doubles me over sometimes I too have finished all my treatment.

I also get back ache, hip pain and random shooting pains in my hip area and pubic area....

I think it's something we have to live with not that we haven't had it bad enough