Pain and side effects

I finished treatment in Novemeber for Stage 11b cervical cancer. I did chemo and radiation, plus brachytherapy. 

After treatment stopped, I felt pretty good. The last couple weeks though, I have been dealing with a bladder infection that wasnt responding to antibiotics at first and a lot of pain.

Now that this is gone, I have been suffering from constant cramps, every day/night. They dont go away. They feel like intense period cramps and I have to take something for the pain if I want to function at work/home. 

There is no bleeding or anything, but I am just curious if this is a late side effect of the radiation, or I worry that it is something worse. 

I moved my follow up appointment with my gyno oncologist closer because it originally was for the end of this month but I can't wait that long. 

All the research Ive done hasnt really landed me on anything specifically like what I am feeling, and was just wondering if anyone has been through the same or has any experience with it.

I'm 29 years old. I am on HRT and blood thinners, due to a pulmonary embolism I had in Novemeber. 

I am sorry that you are experiencing these side effects. I feel your pain on the bladder infection pain. I am still in treatment so unfortunately I can't offer any wisdom but I just wanted you to know I acknowledge your pain. 

That is much appreciated! I hope your treatment is going well and that everything goes well for you!


I think the new normal is hard to understand and like you I am experiencing some pain after treatment. I am 9 months post treatment and have back pain and cramping. I've been told that both can be a side effect of treatment and menopause but I am having my scan brought forward to check on everything. So what I'm getting as is, yes this could be side effect of invasive treatment and I would advise maybe giving it 2 weeks and if pain is same or worse contact nurse and consultant. But please contact your nurse if you need support 



Well I had a follow up appt today. 

My Dr says upon exam it is suspicious for recurrence and had biopsies taken and they're ordering a other CT/PET.

I just don't get it. I was clinically disease free at my appt in Jan and now there is something else? This is just a never ending nightmare. 

Hey lovely,

my goodness I am so sorry that you're going through this again. It's good that everything is happening quickly and hopefully your results will be back soon and with positive news, even if cancer has returned caught early there are still curative options. I do also remember reading a few stories on here about possible recurrences turning out to be scar tissue or granulation so please don't give up hope. 
cancer is definitely one to keep on giving the gifts no one wants.

stay strong sweetheart.  
much love xx 

Thank you for the words of encouragement. No matter what it is, I'm gonna face it head on because I want it GONE. 


And could you explain what granulation is? I've never heard that term before. Thanks! 

I love your attitude and it's just what you need to get through this!! 
My understanding is that granulation is like healing skin on top of a wound, but it can get infected and it can be red and fleshy and raw. I think if you search the forums you may find a better explanation than the one I've given I'm sorry. 
much love,

emma x

Thank you! That actually made a lot of sense.

I am still dealing with cramps daily. It's making doing normal things difficult. 

I still feel as though I have some kind of infection like pelvic inflammatory disease. I don't understand how upon exam three months ago, my Dr saw and felt nothing. He took biopsies of my cervix because that's where he saw whatever was "suspicious" but I asked him why I was having such bad pain in my uterus. Then he drew a picture of a uterus and drew a circle higher up above the cervix and said "well, if its here it could be expanding and causing the cramping"

But that's not where he saw supposed "tumor"..

I'm not a Dr, and maybe I'm in denial that it could have recurred so fast but it doesn't feel like that. I had a tumor in my cervix for years probably without symptoms, aside from pain during intercourse. How could it be doing this now?

I still have had zero bleeding, accompanied by very frequent watery discharge. 

This whole situation is strange. I just want the pain to stop. 

Well good news! Pathology for the biopisies came back NEGATIVE for cancer!

My MRI came back good as well. Basically what it boils down to is dead or changing tissue. "Radiation Necrosis" I believe it's called. They are saying I have to wait it out until it stops. Which is... not helpful. I am glad that it is not tumor but I am also disappointed that we cannot get rid of this pain right away. 

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that's amazing news!! I am so very very pleased. I am sorry that you'll have to endure the pain for a while longer until it sorts itself out but it's fabulous that you so still cancer free!! 
woohoo!! I hope very much that you will be back to enjoying life pain free very soon xx 

Gosh I am so happy for you, this is wonderful news!!

I know this is not exactly the news you were hoping for, but it is still excellent news. I am sorry you have to face this pain, but maybe it will be a little more tolerable knowing what it is.