Pelvic twinges 11 months post treatment

Hi ladies,

I haven’t posted for some time.

Hope you’re all keeping well.

I am around eleven months post treatment for stage 2b Adenocarcinoma. I had 25 Radiotherapies, 5 Chemo’s and 4 Brachytherapies. I have been extremely lucky up to now as haven’t had any real physical symptoms or problems post treatment.

This last week or two I’ve started having a few pelvic twinges. Nothing major but it’s definitely something I’ve never had before. After my last check up my Oncologist put me onto four monthly check ups so I’m back there in June.

Can’t say I’m massively worried but I’m sure you guys know what that dreaded feeling is every time a new twinge or pain occurs.

Any of you guys had anything similar?


Hi Lala,

I am 8 months post treatment for stage 2b adenocarcinoma and like you i have been very lucky no problems during treatment or since, if anything sometimes feel a bit more tired than usual. I sometimes feel odd pains in the pelvic region at my last check up i mentioned it to the doctor and he said that chemo can make you more sensitive to pain. Before cancer i was never up nor down and i dont think i tuned into my aches and pains the way i do now. I would be worried if i had any bleeding or discharge but i think the odd pains here and there are part and parcel of everything that we have been through
Take care xx

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Hi there!

Im nearly identical to you regarding stage and treatment except I had 3 brachy.

Those twinges drive me insane too and i find the more I worry and focus on it the more I feel it. When Im busy and occupied i feel nothing. A wise lady told me ( my counsellor who is a cancer survivor ) that our bodies fire off up to 200 signals a day to the brain. They can be movement of stomach, pelvic organs etc. The difference between before treatment and after treatment is that we’ve been so focussed on that area, so aware of all thats happening that our brain is alerting us to them more than before.
That aside- the amount of damage done from treatment is huge. We just cant see it! Ive looked and searched this forum and its surprising how many aches pains and problem start years after! Any worries is always worth a chat with your medical team for reassurance
Im trying to accept that all this is just my new ‘normal’

Big hugs and congrats on your successful treatment!
Im approaching my 6 months checks and i admit im kacking myself slightly.

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Thanks for your reply.

I sometimes forget what my body has been through I guess. In some ways it feels like it didnt happen to me or it was in another lifetime!!

I’m just gonna see how it goes. Like I said I’m back in a month for my check up but will give them a call if it gets any worse.

Thanks again xx

Hi Shammy,

Thanks for your reply.

I think I’m a bit freaked our as they’ve come from nowhere! They’re not particularly painful. Almost feels like a stitch you get from running but in the pelvic area and lasts literally a second, then goes!

I sometimes think the hardest part of this journey is the constant worry of the bloody thing coming back. Every single ache, pain or twinge you think ‘oh sh*t’ :see_no_evil:

Will definitely call my team if it gets any worse in the next few weeks.

Congrats to you on your successful treatment too. I’m sure your checks will go smoothly. Sending big hugs xx