Pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding but normal smear

First time on something like this but I am in need of some help and advise. For the last few years I have had trouble with bleeding and pain. Almost two years ago I was told I had cysts on my ovaries although they never removed them, I spent two nights in hospital because of the severe pain the cysts were causing. Since then I have had two smear tests- one with abnormal results and then a follow up which showed normal. However, my bleeding in between periods and pelvic pain (which is every single day, the pain can vary from bearable to excruciating stabbing pains) has not stopped.
I don’t know whether I am over reacting or whether to trust my gut and ask for a second opinion from my doctor/specialist?
Something is telling me things aren’t right but I don’t want to waste anybody’s time.

J x

Trust ur gut! I had to go to five doctors over two years before i got referral to a specialist for colposcopy which confirmed cin3. I had two years of bleeding between periods and after sex and horrid abdo pain. ALL of my smears were clear. Was told it was cysts, endo, hormones. But i had a bad feeling it was cervical cancer. Luckily it hadnt got that far yet but please push for a colposcopy!! Mine wasn't picked up on smear test because it was inside the cervical canal so they missed it every time. Please get checked!! Xxx