hi everyone

i feel like i could be being a bit dramatic and i feel a bit embarrassed going to the doctor about this as i think they just think i am being dramatic about it!

for the past 3 years or so i have had pain on and off in my pelvic area. when i get the pains it really crippled me to the point i am in tears and unable to walk or even sit up straight. i have been going to the doctors about this over the past 3 years and they keep coming back with different answers. firstly i ‘could’ have cysts on my ovaries - i have had numerous x rays which have been clear.
around 6 months ago i had a laparoscopy to check my abdomen - again these results have came back clear.

over the last 6 weeks or so, my pains have become much worse and i have been getting these every day. i haven’t had a period for almost 3 months now, i am constantly drained and also suffer with constipation.
I have asked my doctor for a smear test which his answer was - you are probably just stressed because you haven’t got an answer so i can give you some anti depressants?! (i am also only 24 so under the age of a smear) I am so fed up with not knowing and am getting more and more frustrated and worried as my symptoms just keep getting worse.

i’m not saying i think it is cervical cancer at all but i am really worried as my symptoms seem to be similar (although i know i shouldn’t read the internet!)

if anyone can please give me any info it would help massively! x

Hi there. I understand your concerns. Do you think the fact you haven't had a period for 3 months, could be the cause of the pain? Are they period type pains/cramps? The body can be a funny old thing especially where menstrual cycles are concerned. Since last August i only bleed with bowel movement every 3-4 weeks so when i push i lose blood vaginally or just when i wipe. Before last July i was very regular and bled normally. Have you had pelvic and abdominal ultrasound and or transvaginal one and also full blood count? I think the fact that you aren't bleeding unusually such as after sex that you don't warrant a smear, also they would reject it based on your age as you are at low risk of developing CC (frustrating i know) when are you 25? xx

Hi thanks for your reply! 

i have had the pains for around 3 years, but it has never been every day like it is now, so I don't know if it has anything to do with having no period. I have pain during sex but no bleeding! My periods haven't been regular either for the few months before they stopped -when I get a period they had been coming for a couple of days, then stopping them coming again for another couple of days. Everything's just been up the wall really! 

the only way I can describe the pain is as if somebody is stabbing me with a knife upwards, but trying to pull my insides out downwards..it really is horrendous. I have only just turned 24 so not 25 until next year! 

i have a pelvic/abdominal ultrasound, and blood tests which show an infection - and have been asked to go back for a routine in 3 months time to see if it is still there. I've also had blood in my urine..which again I've just been told to wait another 3 months! 

I just feel I am getting nowhere and don't really know what to do! I can't just put up with this pain for the rest of my life and expect to just deal with it! X

Hi Danniellex

sorry to hear about the pains you have been having over the years.  Have you thought about asking if you could pay for a smear test privately?  I'm not sure if this is something that could be done or how much it would cost but it might be something to consider/look into if your gp's wont allow you to under the nhs rules about age. 

Hope you find out what the problem is 


Hi sunshinesmile


thanks for replying! I have managed to get through to my go who has now agreed to refer me to a gynae so I have an appointment in two weeks! Hopefully they will allow me to have a smear test, but if not I will go privately! I called the private hospital and the cost of the smear is £370 including the consultations so it's worth it to get peace of mind I suppose! x