Pelvic Exam & Biopsy under GA

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Has anyone been sent for a pelvic exam & further biopsies under GA please? I've been told it's standard procedure for staging but I'm worried they think there might be something elsewhere!

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HI I had an inturnal done under ga it was to check my bladder and bowel didn't have biopsy thou I think it is normal practice I then had my MRI scan the day after for stageing xxx

Thank you for replying. How are you?

I still have no idea what's happening, MRI results not back yet but was told cc stage 1 at colposcopy BUT the 3 punch biopsies she did have come back clear of cancer. If they think this is an early cancer why do they need to do the other checks?  It makes me think they think it's spread somewhere!?! :(


Am fine just carnt wait to start treatment on 27th but feeling scared too :(:( I no it's hard but try not to worry if all your other results come back ok am sure you will be fine xx

Bless you!

With everything you're going through you're taking the time out to respond to me! Thank you! I hope you'll be ok xxx I just want to know what I'm dealing with......... Xx 

Hiya :-)

I had my biopsies (and presumably a pelvic exam) under GA, not that anybody told me anything about what was going on but that's another story(!) I would think that if all three punch biopsies have missed the cancer cells then your cancer must surely be on the small side, and therefore less likely to have spread. However, they must check everything out thoroughly before deciding on your treatment so that like you, they know exactly what they are dealing with.

Be lucky :-)


Thanks Tivoli,

Its all so worrying! You're told one thing, receive a letter confirming 1b1 cc & now 2 weeks later, oh it might not be!!!!! Ggrrrrr!!! Xxx


Internal examinations under GA are normal practice, but different areas seem to do them at different stages. I had my staging on 24th March following an MRI but they then followed up with a PET scan and an internal in the following couple of weeks. What you're experiencing is normal! It was described to me as 'leaving no stone left unturned'. Good luck! xx

Im having a ga next weds as unfortunately due to having

As my gynae put it a long hole. So even standard examinations

I find painful 


Just to add to the previous comments, I had my internal checks under GA after an MRI and CT scan, but before a PET scan, and was told that all the checks are standard procedure to 'rule out ' rather than 'rule in' any issues. I only had a little discomfort after the internal checks. 


Good Luck xx

Thanks Ladies so much. Hope you all get on well. I'm new here not to sure where to put things! Done new update xxx