Internal exam with camera

Last week they confirmed I have cc and did ct scan and blood tests (no MRI yet)

They managed to forget to pass these on to the hospital they have referred me to (dispute insisting it was urgent and making me stay all day for the tests so they could fax them over immediately)

At my appointment today (at a MUCH nicer hospital, thank God!) they had no new information- they couldn't tell me the stage or if it's spread anywhere.


I gave to go in next week for an internal camera exam under GA (in lots of places I'd rather not have a camera!) 

ive done a search but couldn't find anyone who had had this (some after surgery due to problems but not before)


Now I'm scaring myself again :/

today the doctor was very positive and believes (though just based on biopsy) that it's just in the centre and therefore easy to remove, I was really relieved as I'm desperate to have a baby after all this is fixed, now I'm back home and googling myself to insanity trying to figure out what he needs to poke about with cameras for :(


I think it sounds like they are going to do an EUA (examination under anaesthetic).  Its normal procedure and yes it involes a camera!  Quite often they won't say what stage until they've had a look under EUA.  It usually involves looking into the bladder, vagina and rectum so they know what exactly is going on.  Its all very quick with only a tiny bit of stinging afterwards.  The consultant came round and told me after the EUA what stage I was.  I was given an approximate stage from my MRI images but often the outlines can be a bit undefiined so they are unable to say accurately what stage.   Its the worst thing not knowing but once this is  done, your consultant can start planning your treatment.   I'm 3 months post treatment now and all is well.  I hope this helps a little?  I know what a scary time it is - try not to worry.  best wishes xx