Stage and origin unknown


I posted last week after my colposcopy and biopsies taken from cervix and womb. 

I had a review on Tuesday with the consultant and she told me the bad new that there were cancerous changes but couldn't give me anymore information. I asked if the womb showed cancerous changes but she couldn't answer that. 

They booked me in for an MRI for yesterday which I was told would be just of my abdomen but they ended up doing my chest as well - apparently these images along with my slides will be sent to another hospital for review and I am to expect a call on Tuesday with the exact diagnosis and staging and treatment plan. 

I had my mum and partner with me during the review and I had already prepared myself for the outcome so the worst thing about it for me was seeing my mum get upset! I have spent two weeks reading posts and stories on this site and even with awful scenarios people are so brave and positive and it makes the whole situation less scary for me so thank you! 

Has anyone had a EUA? Because apparently that is next for me and I've never had GA!! 


I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this. When first diagnosed it is so very hard to understand and all the tests they send you for makes you suspect the worst possible sernario but please know that these test are so very important so they know exactly what's going on. 

Scans are very accurate but keep in mind that they can only show so much. When changes occur on a microscopic level it is best for them to have a clear picture and this can be best seen when they physically look around. When they have to really physically examine you it is so uncomfortable it is best if they do so under GA. Many ladies have had this exam done under GA. It will not hurt you in any way but you will feel groggy after and because it is already such an emotional stressful time the GA can give you an overload of feelings when you wake up and for approx 24 hours after. 

Once all tests are complete and a plan is in place you will feel so much better. This is the worst part of the whole journey. Keep you chin up and stay positive and busy as to not let you mind wonder into the abyss. 

Stick around and don't be afraid to post as we are all willing to help you through this. 

Sending you positive vibes

Thank you so much Lolli! 

I'm just thinking that I'm going to feel a little violated after the EUA haha! 

Ironically, I got my smear results back today advising of abnormal cells... old news now! I feel incredibly lucky how quickly everything has moved forward since having the smear on 22.08! 

Just thought I'd throw in an update  

Hospital called today and said that the MRI shows stage 2 but more pathology tests being done so although I know there is cancer in my cervix and I was given a Macmillan cervical cancer booklet it was never actually verbally confirmed! So things still feel a little up in the air! 

I've been told I'll hear from another hospital, where I'll be having any treatment, likely tomorrow now With more info. They have me booked in for an EUA on Monday morning. 


glad to hear you have been given some kind of indication of what stage you are. At least you have some info.

Usually stage 2 means you are going straight to the chemorad not a hysterectomy. The EUA will confirm and then you will have a PET scan to see if any or how many lymph nodes are involved so they know exactly what kind of planning must be done for the radiation targets.

A scan will be done to place three small tattoo dots. One just above your pubic bone and one on each lower hip area. This will be able for them to line you up for your radiation treatments. None of these tests will be invasive or hurt. 

Soon you will have confirmation of what exactly the plan is and you can focus on preparing for the treatment. It's not as bad as you are thinking it will be. The most common complaint is the diarrhea that starts about 2-3 weeks into treatment

keep your chin held high, you can do this and there is a high success rate for cure. 

All the best

Went to see the specialist at Addenbrokes today and their team reckon it's stage 1b1 tumour of 3.5cm and no spread so that's good news but will be confirmed after the EUA on Monday. 

He also recommends a radical hysterectomy with lymph removal and if the margins and lymphs are clear I shouldn't need therapy based treatment. So overall I think it was pretty good news as I came to terms that regardless of the stage the chance of me have children naturally was very low so I'm feeling pretty positive now! 

This is great news for you!!!

do update how things go.