Pap smear after chemorads, anyone?

Hello lovely ladies,

It’s been a year and 5 months since my treatment for chemorads and had my follow up check up yesterday. I’ve been experiencing sporadic spotting and also bleeding from my bottom with bowel movements.
My oncologist did an internal exam said he didn’t see any visible signs for concern but did a Pap test. I’m quite surprised because I’m aware that it’s not common to do Pap smear after radiation treatments as it comes inconclusive or abnormal. He said he just wanna make sure if there are no changes on cellular level and if there are concerning atypical cells then would investigate more. Now I wait for results.
Does any of you here had Pap smear after radiation treatment? Were they able to obtain accurate results?
Thank you for taking the time to read this post and much love to you all. Xx

I did get pap smears and it took 18 months for them to come back normal after radiation. So even when your smear comes back showing abnormal cells, it’s nothing to worry about 5 months post treatment if everything else looks good. Xx

Hi @katti, thank you for taking the time to reply. It’s been a year and 5 months so 17 months out of treatment. So your results were abnormal before 18 months? Did they also test you for HPV during those tests?

Oh sorry, I missed the one year part. Yes, my results were abnormal before the 18 month mark. I just lately got tested for HPV and it was negative! It wasn’t part of my regular check-up though so this was the first time post treatment an HPV test was done.

I’m happy to hear you’re negative for HPV. Sorry for all the questions but even if the results were abnormal they didn’t seem concerned nor do any further tests? I just wanna be prepared because the nurse said If they find concerning atypical cells then they’ll gonna investigate more. Thank you again for taking the time to reply. Xx

I’m happy to answer your questions if I can. No, they weren’t concerned at all. My gyn always said the cells look dodgy after radiation and that it’s normal. I never discussed it further because I trust her. Xx

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Hello @May17.

I had a pap in August, 6 months after treatment. I had abnormal cells that were still present, but the oncolog said that it is normal and to wait another 6 months.
So I had another one in march, 13 months after treatment and the result was ok - without abnormal cells.
Some doctors say that pap is no longer necessary after treatment but mine insists on doing it.

I hope everything will be fine and it will only be a scare.

Until you get the results, try to stay positive. I know it’s hard. I’ m thinking of you.

Please let us know the results.


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The results are in and I’m so pleased to share that my Pap smear came back normal and no HPV detected. The doctors said it’s most probably radiation side effects but still to monitor it. If it persists they will do scans. For now I can breathe a little. I hope you are well @AnaMD


Hey @May17
I’m so happy to hear this good news. I was thinking at you and prayed that everything would be fine.
It seems that we will feel the effects of radiation for many years.

I’m good and very positiv. For now my scans are clean. I have little abdominal pain, sometimes i’ m scared, but i know i’m feeling the effects of radiation.

I will give you an update at a following updates.

You made my day.:heart:

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Yaaay!!!:partying_face: So so happy for you sweetpea​:kissing_heart: xxx

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Aww thank you lovely @OldRed , how are you getting on? Did you have your pet scan yet? I’m thinking of your much love. Xx

Thank you my lovely @AnaMD. I’m so pleased to hear your scans are clear. I kinda wish they did scans for me too as they can’t fully explain where the bleeding is coming from but for now I’m taking this win.
You’re absolutely right about the side effects of radiation. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. Much love. Xx

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Aw you’re so welcome, been thinking about you and wishing you lots of luck! Xxx How are you feeling?? I’m good thank you. Had my pet scan last week and I should get the results by Friday🤞Had a bit of a meltdown earlier and called my cns, but they don’t have anything back from the scan yet. She was very reassuring though and told me if anything is wrong that there would be a plan to deal with it xx

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Ugh, I can relate how stressful it is to wait for results as I’ve had melt downs too. Good thing you don’t have to wait long now. Please keep us posted. Sending you lots of love and prayers hun. Hang in there.xx

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So happy for you May! Such good news. :heart:

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Thank you my lovely @Mry1 , how are you hun? Xx

I’m feeling good, I had my follow up MRI later than it should have been, 4 months after my latest one and I’m waiting for the results. I have faith that I’m going to be ok, do happy for you and all the ladies here! :heart:


Hi @OldRed,

Been thinking about you. Did you get your pet results on Friday? I hope you’re doing well hun. Much love. Xx

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Hi @Mry1,

Hello lovely, did you get your results? You’ve been in my thoughts as well and I’m hoping for the best results. Sending you all positive vibes. Xx

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Hi May, thank you for your kind words. I haven’t gone to pick up my results yet, I have to personally go to the clinic because I’m not strong enough to choose to get them through my mail. I feel like my inner thigh is swollen for the past few days and I’m really worried. I have to keep my faith! I’ll keep you updated.