Abnormal Pap Smear

This is my first time ever posting here. I hope I can get some much needed peace of mind. Let me start with a little bit about myself. I am 44 years old and a 2 year cervical cancer survivor. I had both chemo and radiation (ALOT of it! ). I have been getting pap smears every 3 months. All of my tests have come back normal except for one about 9 months ago and now the last one I had done last week. I have to add that in November of 2015 I started spotting. It has happened once every month since but has skipped in January and then in March. The practitioner decided that a sonogram would be a good idea since she got to see the bleeding herself at time of pap. She did mention that she could not see or feel anything abnormal at time of pap smear. I am beyond nervous as now the letter that i received states that I have to schedule a colposcopy. Has anyone experienced this before? I am so so scared.


Hi Nanci :-)

So sorry for your anxiety. I don't have a similar experience but I do know just how scary the first couple of years post-treatment can be. Remember, this is precisely the reason that you go for 3-monthly checks, so that if it should return then it has been caught early and you can be treated swiftly.


Be lucky :-)