Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post in. I'm just very scared and really need to write about my experience and hear some opinions. Last year, I went in for my annual pap smear. I have been going in since I was 21, and I was 24 then. All pap smears had been normal, but I was once diagnosed with Chlamydia. I took medication for that and it went away (I now see that that can help aid in the development of cervical cancer). 

I received a phone call explaining that I had atypical changes, was HPV+, but all I could do was wait a year and come in again. So I went in earlier this month, and the results were the same. Atypical cells and HPV. I had to schedule a colposcopy, and was absolutely terrified. I was so nervous to tell my boyfriend, but he ended up just being worried that I would be ok and wouldn't have cancer. I had the procedure done, and the doctor told me it didn't look bad at all! She said it was probably just inflammation, and my worst case senario would be low grade changes and waiting a year to have another pap smear. I was so relieved!

I received my results only 2 days later... CIN 2. I have to schedule a LEEP within the next few weeks. I am absolutely terrified that they are going to find cancer. I am also worried that if I have this procedure, the dysplasia is just gonig to return and I am going to have to have the procedure done again. I am only 26. I will most likely be married within the next few years, and I want to have children shortly after that. If I am HPV+, won't the dysplasia just come right back? Causing me to have another procedure? I fear that this is the start of a very unfortunate road... 

I just want to know if others have been in similar situations and what the outcomes have been. I am welcome to hearing bad news so I can prepare myself, but also would love to hear some good news. I am just searching for a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Hi Teacher!

ive had plenty of friends with abnormal cells that have had them removed and that's been the end of it! youll then have reglar smear tests to check for changes! 

So, yes, some people have to have repeat procedures where it has come back.  But at this stage, you're in a good position! All the screening and removing of abnormal cells is what keeps the cervical cancer rates low. Because they're whipping out those abnormal cells before they become cancerous. Even abnormal cells can go back to normal on their own. But they like to just deal with them rather than monitor, it's effective treatment! You're in good hands.

I dont know much about the hpv virus other than 80-90% of the population have it and more often your body deals with it. But on occasion, your body doesn't and a couple of the strains cause cancer. So I'd ask your consultants about this to arm yourself with info. I've not had HPV mentioned to me at all during my whole time of having all this happen.

I had a normal smear 3 ish years ago and went for my latest smear this year. This smear was 'abnormal' and turned out to be cancer. I've had it treated by an operation to remove just my cervix and I've been left with my fertility. I'm sure you will get this treated and go on to have your family and this will become a distant memory. 

Good luxk. Xxx



I just wanted to tell you I am in the exact same boat right now as you so even though I don't have any insight to offer, just know that you're not alone (not feeling alone by reading these forum posts has been hugely helpful to me). I'm 30 and in June I had an abnormal biopsy result with high-risk HPV. I only had one abnormal pap like 8 years ago that required a colp, but that turned out fine and I had what was considered low-risk HPV. Now I've been with the same guy for 7 years (married for 2) yet here we are. I found out yesterday my colp showed CIN2/CIN3 so I'm going in this afternoon to talk treatment options. 

We're undecided on kids right now but fertility was a concern for me too. Luckily from what I've read it seems like risks to a future pregnancy are very low with a LEEP. (And even if the LEEP removed a large area you can get a cervical stitch to prevent early births.)

Listen, I think we're going to be okay. I too am nervous about the road ahead but at the very least we can count our lucky stars for regular tests and a very treatable condition. I'm in the US so I feel even more lucky since we're in a healthcare crisis, and I happen to have great healthcare through work. And we've got doctors paying loads of attention to us now. My husband keeps telling me to take one step at a time and even though that's really difficult for someone who already has chronic anxiety, but I know he's right. 

Here's hoping we're like "most women" and by next year we're in the clear. 

Thanks both of you! It really helps to hear from people who have been in, or are currently in, similar situations! Unfortunately my anxiety about this isn't really stopping much. What I'm most worried about is my fertility. I'm so many years away from being done having kids, that a hysterectomy sounds horrible to me right now. I'm not sure what my boyfriend would do knowing that I was infertile... 

If I wasn't planning on having kids, I think I would be much less worried. A hyterectomy would sound much better because that would most likely end this whole issue.  I think our only hope of not having to deal with this for a long time anymore would be getting rid of the HPV. I don't think you can have CIN if the HPV is dormant. Has anyone been able to get rid of HPV 16 or 18 after a LEEP? To me... it seems like the minority of people that are HPV+ only have to have the procedure once. 

From what I've read they don't recommend a hysterectomy unless it becomes a recurrent problem or if you have other issues too, such as uterine fibroids. I totally understand your anxiety. Even though I'm married and 30 and used to think I'd be having kids by now, we're both still very undecided and I'm trying not to let this sway me too much. 

Where do you live tacher? I'm in the uk and have had a trachelectomy, which is just the removal of my cervix, and therefore fertility sparing treatment. youre getting ahead of yourself, but even if abnormal cells return, it doesn't necessarily mean it will take your fertility.


Same boat love. first abnormal pap. Colpo Cin 2/cin3. LEEP done today. Hpv 16. Every other pap has been normal until this one so I was completely caught off guard. Now waiting a week for results.