Do you go for smears after treatment?

Hi I've been in remission for 20months. I had stage 1b2 cancer in 2014 and underwent 28 radiotherapy sessions, 4 cycles of chemo and 3 doses from brachytherapy. I live abroad now and have been getting 6monthly smears but I can't remember if I was told to by my Oncologist or if I just did it to keep my stress and worry at bay!!! The trouble is now I have had a smear that has come back with atypical squamous cell abnormality - so I'm am so scared and worried that my cancer is back. Please if anyone has had similar smears test results could you tell me what the outcome was or if you still for for your smears. Thank you in advance Xxx

Sorry - only just saw this and you have probably figured it out by now.

My gyno oncologist has me on 6 monthly checks for 5 years so it sounds like you are doing the right thing.

Hope your tests come back clear - keep us posted.

love t xx