Pap smear after chemorads, anyone?

Hey doll, thank you for checking on me xxx it didn’t go so well, will update when I’ve processed things a little xxx❤️

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@OldRed Please take your time to process and we understand, but we’re here when you need to vent . Sending you prayers and so much love hun. You got this. Xx

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Thank you so much sweetpea :kissing_heart: I’ll update you guys after the weekend xxx I’m doing a little better with everything today though, and am determined to get myself together and kick some ass! Lots of love!!! xxx


@OldRed we are with you. I pray for you.

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Hi lovely

How did you go? I’ve been thinking of you x

Hey, thank you v much for your kind words. I don’t know the results, at the moment I’m struggling with severe depression and other mental health problems, I hope once I’m medicated I’ll come back to tou with good news. I hope you’re ok :hugs:

Hi my lovely @Mry1 ,

I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I know sometimes it feels like it’s not fair and that we’re going through so much. But I know you’re stronger than you think you are and you’ve already overcome a LOT and with every hardship you’re coming out even stronger. I know how it’s debilitating to deal w intrusive thoughts so take your own time to process. If ever you need to vent or share or just talk I’m here okay? Just wanna send you some hugs. Xx