Good morning all

Please can you help me cope with this.I have been doing colposcopies every 6 months since 2009 always with abnormalities showing and not going away with treatment. I had a baby in between and last year they decided to give me LLETZ treatment. This was in november. Last month I had a smear done with the nurse and the results came back with abnormalities and I was once again referred to treatment. I am now afraid that this might have turned to something worse as the nurses told me I was booked in earlier as it's urgent. Although I know it's for the best I'm afraid of all the consequences that a second LLETZ or even a possible hysterectomy can bring. I know this will sound crazy but I just remembered Jady Goody and can only relate to her story so I'm also afraid of having more than just abnormalities. Please help me deal with this.

Hiya firstly with jade she had problems for years and no one listened to her so please don't compare yourself 

have they said what the abnormalities are? Ie CIN grading? Please don't be afraid that they've booked you in as urgent I was also done as an urgent case but in hindsight it wasn't done as quickly as I thought, I do believe after so many attempts to remove the abnormal cells they do tend to discuss other options such as a hysterectomy which that in itself is a scary thought but in the bigger picture if this is going to be the best option for you instead of having to have repeated Lletz treatments or to keep having abnormal smears its a awful situation to be in but please don't think worst case and try and think positive that you're in the best hands for whatever steps are next 



Thank you so much for your kind words and help!


I have received my last letter discharging me with biopsies only showing viral changes.


Do you know what this means? I now am going back to being tested after 3 years but viral changes doesn't sound promising.