Hello everyone,

My anxiety has taken over and I am having trouble coping. For the past few months I have had spotting after intercourse. For the past month I have been bleeding or spotting every single day. I have constant pelvic pain and pains down my left leg. I went for a pap on Monday and am now waiting for the results though I feel like I already know what's wrong. I had a clear ultrasound and normal bloodwork this week. I had my last pap (normal) three years ago. I am having trouble coping. Terrified is an understatement. 


Sorry to hear you are feeling this way, I completely undersand. The fact you had a normal smear 3 years ago is a very very good thing. In most cases, cervical cancer develops over 10-15 years, hence why the smears are only required every 3 years and we are still in a situation where over 90% of cervical cancers are prevented.

The fact you have symptoms obviously makes things so much scarier for you, but The symptoms we associate with Cervical cancer can also be attributed to other things too, ie cervical Ectropian, cysts etc etc.

i encourage your to stay distracted and if you are going to read and google make sure you are using reliable resources as you can make your anxiety much worse.

Fingers crossed everything goes well for you!

jen x

Hi hun I realise this is an old post but hoping your results was good ?? I am having similar symptoms so wondered what your outcome was

thanks ?