Scared of smear test result.

hi everyone,

im feeling very scared and anxious today and found this website online. I have bad health anxiety and any procedure or tests I need doing I always think the worst possible outcome. I had my Smead 3 years ago which read normal and then went yesterday (2 months early) for my next one. During it she said all looked fine, there was no bleeding during procedure and I went home. I got home and bled a bit and that sent my anxiety through the roof as I don’t remember bleeding last time and keep telling myself this is a sign of cervical cancer. I’ve been watching my phone all day for a call to say it’s bad news and just can’t concentrate. Has anyone else bled After there procedure?

id appreciate a friend right now :( 

I was exactly like this a week ago today! I had heavy brown discharge the day after and got so upset. Nobody replied to me on here but a google search told me that it was normal! 

It’s literally just bothering me so much. Can’t eat, drink anything through worry. I’ve read 1 in 20 get an abnormal reading and 1 in 2000 have cancerous cells. Been trying to wonder if that’s true or not. Have you had your results back yet?x

No :( They said it could take four weeks which isn’t helping and think I’m developing a fear of the postman! I’m more worried because I have symptoms - back pain, period pains all the time, heavy but clear discharge. I had a complicated pregnancy loss 6 months ago and haven’t been right since so don’t know how much is that/hormones and how much could actually be CC. I guess we can’t do anything more but wait!

Iv bled both times when i had my smear, 1st smear came back normal and the 2nd smear came back abnormal. It is normal to bleed. I know alot of people who have bled and its came back normal. I know its hard waiting but try keep busy and positive 

Let me know how you get on