constant fear

Hi I am 23 years old and live in constant fear of developing cervical cancer since I had an abnormal smear test 3 years ago which led me to have to go for a ccolospocy and having the cells removed since then I have had 6 monthly smear tests which have came back normal and told I dont need my next one for another 12 months which is a good sign I know but a few months ago I bled on and off for about a week and was sore when urinating and painful after sex I also had a smelly brown discharge I went to my local clinic were I was trested for bacteria vagenosis and all my std results  were clear my symptoms have gone but I bled last week and I dont know if this is normal as I dont have a regular monthly cycle due to implanon  and I live in constant fear thinking the doctors have missed something its starting to affect my daily life and Im feeling so anxious I keep thinking minor things happening with my body are asign of cervical cancer any twinge I get Im constantly crying I was just wondering if theres anyone else whos hsd this or can help me.

Hi hon,

have you been tested for hpv?

i know you'll have heard this alreasy, but cervical cancer is extremely slow to develop so if you keep up your smears it would be caught while still in pre cancer stage which is easily treated. 

That said, I think you must tackle this anxiety, it is not at all irrational but you must take action before your life is further disrupted. Can you ask your GP for some counselling? Or at least some advice on how to reduce the stress you are feeling? 

Hugs, molly xxx

Ive not been tested for HPV but I do realise I have serious anxiety issues that stems from having the treatment for the abnormal smear a few years ago Ive had pain in both of my sides for over a week now and I immediately assume that its related to cervical cancer, I have gp appointment tommorow defo going to seek counselling  thanks for taking the time to comment molly really appreciated 

Jade xxxx