Pain relief during biopsy

Hi ladies... So yesterday was my follow-up colposcopy after my first one six months ago. I tthought was just going in for a colposcopy, not realising they were going to give me the triple whammy of smear, colposcopy and biopsy again. 

Now, admittedly I am a wimp when it comes to pain but I have been left feeling traumitsised and baffled by these procedures. The first time I thought I would faint and I cried pretty much non-stop. This time the minute the doctor told me I'd need another biopsy I burst into tears and didn't really stop until it was all over. The nurses couldn't have been nicer, getting me water and trying to distract me while my ever patient partner tried to soothe me but I find the whole experience horrible and painful.

This time I was clearly so visibly distressed that they asked if I wanted local anesthetic. Of course I did! It was still uncomfortable but I didn't realise they had finished the biopsies and felt a world of difference - may have been partially a placebo I don't know. Point is, two days later I still feel very emotional about the whole process and a bit diassociated... It doesn't hurt now per se hut also I just feel very conscious that I have a cervix, and I'm really cross that I wasn't offered local anesthetic the first time. 

I cannot understand why they don't offer us local as standard, not to mention anything anxiety or stress decreasing. Given that for many of us this is a tricky time at best, doesn't need to be made more difficult by pain from a doctor ripping a bit of my cervix out. I can't think of another medical procedure such as this where pain relief isn't mentioned or offered? 

I'd be really interested to hear anyone elses thoughts - anecdotally from the friends I've woken to who have had a bio, a few lucky ones said it felt uncomfortable but many more said incredible painful and traumatic. I want to write to my MP to make her aware, I can't help but feel a bit let down by the health system in what has otherwise been completely full of patient and understanding health professionals.