painful colposcopy treatment


l have been reading many brave ladies stories lately.

Are there any ladies out there who found the colposcopy and treatment painful?

l do not wish to scaremonger, as know the procedure is OK for most.  l think it's so important to get screened.  l just was not prepared for it to be so painful!



l had to have 5 local anaesthetic injections and could still feel the pain of the treatment / biopsy.  My sister went through the procedure for ClN3 with one injection and did not feel any pain apart from the needle.  l wonder if my body takes time to feel the numbing effect of anaesthetic?  The injections felt fine-but the rest.....




l had the treatment yesterday.  My smear showed borderline changes & high risk HPV. In the 1st colposcopy the consultant said it all looks in line with the smear, but the biopsy result in a letter later showed ClN2.  In the Loop treatment and further biopsy yesterday, the consultant (different one) also said it appears ok, but then asked if my sisters have pelvic pain, and if l

 have pain during intercourse (yes-for 2 yrs).  He also asked his colleague if another consultant was available to talk to, but they had finished their shift.  Not sure why.




Anyway, despite the worst pain of my life, the nurse was so lovely- l squeezed her hand and cried throughout the procedure, and was given time to recover with tea after.  The NHS are amazing. l hope it is all zapped, but my husband and l await the 2nd biopsy result.  We want children, and so the consultant did a 'conservative' removal of cells.  Fingers crossed.  Good luck to all.


After researching to try to find out why my body did not respond to 5 local anaesthetics (which was unprecedented as the consultant said he only gives between 1 and 3 and that suffices), I may have an explanation.  

I seem to present with symptoms of JHS, joint hypermobility syndrome, of which a symptom is the body being immune to some anaesthetics, amongst other things, such as unusually supple joints 'double jointed' limbs, etc.  I am going to seey GP and seek a further advice on this so I can request more effective pain maagement in the future.  

With 1 anaesthetic my sister felt no pain in her loop treatment, and this is a more typicaI response, so I have felt somewhat alone after the difficult colposcopy experience and was hoping to find some answers.  I'm glad I may be finding out why it happened.

Does this resonate with anyone else?