Pain and worried about results

im 26 years old and I had my smear results come back as CIN3 and CGIN.

i had my Colposcopy yesterday to remove the precancerour cells, which was not pleasant. The nurse removed 3 large amounts of my Cervix and said she would have liked to have taken more but she couldn't do that under local anaesthetic. 

After she told me they would send of the bits for testing and explained they cut it to look for cancer. 

the hospital have told me to come back for my results in 2 weeks so the specialist can discuss them with me which is worrying.

Today I am feeling pain like I am in extremely heavy, to be honest my periods Don't even feel like this. I've had black bits come out which ive been advised is burnt skin. 

it's just a waiting game now but I'm sure it's cancer from what the nurse said and my friend who came works IN emergency theatre and said they took so much from local anaesthetic and even he is concerned it's cancer.


has anyone had this and it's been ok? Or am I worrying for good reason? 


I had LLETZ Monday and she removed the complete area of my cervix as was covered but didnt seem concerned and said she was sending it off just a waiting game but I'm on edge we just can't worry till the letter arrives 


thinking of you 

Hi Ladies, 

im having my treatment tomorrow under GA. We can all wait for our results together. 

Keep us updated 

Good luck Tashie keep us updated ❤️ Xx

Thank you sammieebees91s, will do.. just a waiting game now, was advised 3-4 weeks for result

Wishing you luck ill watch out for your update ❤

Yeah I was told 3-4weeks which is a lifetime at the moment.

how was the LLETZ are you feeling ok? Xx


Lletz was fine ( had a GA!)

no bleeding, no discharge beginning to wonder if anything was done!

I'm like that a week on. Feels like I'm waiting for this massacre to happen. But nope nothing ha! 

Glad went well did they advise when you'd receive the results? 


Anyone got their results yet 

i dont know how much they took out of me as asked not to watch etc but i hear 2cm a lot but i was told i had flat cells removed and glandular cells also which sounds like a lot but my next smear said cells were all ok so please dont all convince yourselves you have cancer my results came back just saying they believe they got it all  but you never really know until your follow up smear 6 months later when they check... i know its a tough wait and anxiety kicks in but look after yourselves and i wish you all the best results :) x

Great news that it's all done!

I'm waiting for my results still xx