Cin2 and 3 lletz

I have been a bag of nerves since getting mild abnormal smear result. Was dreading the colposcopy and so focused on that but had it today and it's actually cin2 and 3 so need to have lletz under ga- nurse said it was cos I'm so anxious but the area seemed massive so don't know if it's really cos of that. they're going to remove basically the whole top of the cervix- how is it ever going to feel normal again after that?! What are the chances of them finding cc in the bit they remove and what happens if they do?! Been having a slight ache at too of my leg- might be from being on my feet at work but know I'm thinking if it's cc it cd have spread to lymph nodes?! Please somebody say something to help me- felt like nurses thought I was overreacting and even my husband seems sick of me already!! I'm crying as I type, I don't want to go on our hols next wk, feel like this is it now x

Hi, sorry to hear your having a rough time. Firstly cin 2&3 are not cancer!! they are cell changes identified by the smear, if these changes are left untreated the could possibly lead to cancer. Hence screening is so important. The lletz does remove a bit of the cervix, but it should heal well and you won't feel the difference. They send the piece of tissue taking from the lletz to be analysed in the lab. it can confirm the presence of cin and occasionally other abnormalities. try not to worry, hopefully the lletz will remove all the cell changes and you'll just require regular follow ups. 


Just remember - fear is a state of mind. More you thinkin about it worse you will feel. Thinkin negative will only make you feel worse, try to think about prestent, you will worry when your results will come and only IF there will be anything to worry. I am going for treatment tommorow for suspected CIN 2. I accepted the fact that this is what happen to me and I have to deal with it. I cant say I didnt worry at all, yes, I was a mess at first but now I just came to the point where I completly accept it and I am ready to face the reality. Everyone was sick of me crying as well, at some point I felt so lost, I felt so lonely , I felt NOBODY understand me. I even felt sometimes suicidal !! But then I realized - if this is what was meant to happen - bring it on!

My treatment is tommorow... I am not thinkin right now about results. I cant change anything . What is there, is there, its matter of time for me to fingd out. It will be good news or bad news, either way have to face it.

Be strong. Think positive. Dont let yourself break down.

Hi hun I had the same sin 3 smear came back as had clop biopsy and LLETZ been to weeks now and I phoned hospital yesterday coz I could no wait any longer and it came back as sin 3 so I just have to go back in 6m for check up. I get the same at the tops of my legs its coz I'm on my toes all the time 4kids and work keep me going lol and doc advised try not to cross ur legs all the time 

Thankyou for your replies- it's a strange comfort to be in touch with people who understand. I've convinced myself they'll find cancer- no matter what people say, that's only one step away, right? I've been non-stop crying, thinking the worse- wish I could be more positive like you Puki. I've already phoned my drs in tears to try and get some anti-anxiety meds (not had them before, just newly crazy cos of all this!!). I didn't have a biopsy as woman before me almost fainted after hers and tbh i thought if cin1 I would just be watch and wait anyway- regretting being such a monumental tool now tho as they could have seen cc in that, right? Also, I didn't tell the nurse this, don't really know why in the scheme of things, but I've been having an increased mucousy discharge for a while (over a yr)- it doesn't hurt or smell but cd this still be cin or does it sound like cancer? I also, in past 2 months get an occasional 'pulsing' feeling in my cervix- again, does this sound big C?! Have never had irregular bleeding though. Have rambled on and on again...

I had a lletz for cin 3 and just got my results today that it was I fact cin 1 and 2!!!!! 


Be positive! :-) 

I'm new to this site and finding it really helpful. I'm due to have my first lot of treatment tomorrow, I assume it's a Lettz I am having as letter didn't explain it (didn't even tell me what abnormalities were found) but after lots of persisting my doctor tried explaining it to me (cin3). I just wanted to know how people recovered after a lettz treatment. I'm worried about needing lots of time off work as I have quite a physical job. I had to wait over 8 weeks just to hear back with biopsy results Dreading waiting for the lettz results. It's nice to see people on here keeping so positive but I can completely sympathise with people struggling to deal with it. Having the C word Thrown around is scary.

You can be strong if you only want to !

I dont think the sympthoms which you are describing having anything to do with cancer. I have been bit paranoid too at first, I have to admitt that. I will not forget the shock and panic when I opened the envelope with results. I didnt see it saying "high grade dys" I have seen only word Cancer ! Ant thats all I wanted to believe that time. I was so much in panic I had my legs and hands literally going numb, my heart was pounding so much I was worried I will get heart attack. As I told you before I started to surffer panic attacks (sweating hands, pounding heart, eyes sensitive to light, and crazy thinkin "I am going to colapse in a minut" while I am in middle of road) This can really make you crazy. I went to Gp with this but didnt help me nothing, he sid he cant give me medication coz I wont be able to function if I take it. So I left dr office with feeling I been left on my own to deal with problem. It suprisingly had good effect on me. It gives me a power. I know it sound rediculous but thats what happen with me. I borrow some books from library. Started some yoga (as I know panic attacks are basicly effect of stress which causing muscle stiffnes - sorry girls for my english, I hope you know what I mean to say. I have done a lot of reaserches about natural ways of reversing cin. I get to the bottom of my problem and bring changes in my lifestyle and diet. I feel so much better since then. Probably thats why my attidute is so positive right now - even knowing that my treatment is on the way tommorow morning !!! ;)

Puki, I understand what you mean about panic attacks- I woke up worrying the other night and literally felt like i couldn't breath in far enough- like my chest was compressed. Your english is fine by the way ;) B'321 I only joined a week ago and tbh i was soo focussed on the colposcopy that although i was kinda worried about the big C, i took comfort from them saying low grade on smear. All of a sudden I'm cin3 which seems a whole lot closer to cancer to me. Made a total twat (lol) of myself in the colposcopy room today but still phoned the nurse again this afternoon! The C word IS scary- i said to nurses today that anything with word 'cancer' in it has the word 'cancer' in it!! Whether they call it pre-cancer, cancer junior or little miss cancer, people are only gonna here the C word!! And despite every fibre of my being telling me not to google anything more, i have spent the whole afternoon looking up dysis (the imaging software they use) and have seen no pics with as much white (danger zone) areas as mine had. The nurse said she couldn't see any invasive cancer but couldn't say no cancer for sure- just wish i hadnt been so stupid and let them do lletz there and then. Have got dr appt tmw so hope to get some anti-anxiety meds as I have been an entirely non-functional mess today x

Puki, what diet/ lifestyle changes have you implemented? My partner suggested raw brocolli as an antioxidant but don't know if that gonna cut it!! All the very best of luck and love for your treatment tomorrow- you're replies have helped me today xxx

I really hope you get something to help with the anxiety! I honestly thought I have been over reacting but reading people comments have made me see that it's not something that's necessarily easy to deal with. I had my colposcopy back in May i was told I will probably have treatment there and then but they decided not to but never explained why. I hate how unexplained everything is aswell. lets hope we will all have answers soon  hey.x

First of all im so sorry that you're going through this, it's such a difficult time and it's impossible not to have a million and one questions buzzing around your head. The lletz is nothing to worry about they just remove the very tip of your cervix and they will examine the part they remove under a microscope to make sure they've got rid of all the cin. Then they'll want to see you in 6 months for another smear. It's unlikely to come back saying they didn't remove it all, but if that happens they may just want to do the procedure again to be sure, which again is nothing to worry about. I've been trying to see things in a positive light, I'm incredibly lucky that I went to the screening and I'm even luckier that they're removing all the abnormalities before they get out of control. Take it a day at a time, focus on the present and don't overthink things too much. Try to keep your mind occupied and use jos trust as an outlet. Any time you feel the anxiety coming just really focus on your body and what's around you, even if it's focussing on the colour of a chair or that your feet are tapping, anything to occupy your mind. All the best with the procedure, I know how scary it is, and I know how difficult it can be to overcome the anxiety. Jos trust has a great support network and we will all be here if you need us :). Big hugs xxxxx

Are you having a general anastheic B'321? I kind of wish i'd just let them do it under local, but reading about it maybe it's best not to have the conscious memory of it?! I'm a complete medic-phobe and after the traumatic experience when having my son i paid hundreds of pounds for hypnobirthing and ended up having my daughter at home. Giving birth is a normal thing but this abnormal cells shit isn't. I have issues re people looking at my vag AND hospitals- this is my worst nightmare. Regarding your working after lletz, from what i can make out, a couple of days you should do bugger all, then not lift or do anything strenuous for 4 wks. My work is standing constantly so i predict a problem!! xx

Jojo84, I see you have cc and i hope you're ok, i really, really do. I've convinced myself re cancer and i am a complete eejit about everything medical. Do you think they would have seen cancer on screen?? I apologise now for being a total muppet when so many people are going through so much worse xxx

Im having local, I have white coat syndrome as they call it So doctirs freak me out :-/ I work with children so have to lift and run around after them all day. I suppose with child birth you gain something at the end of it so it's in a weird way easier. sorry to hear your first birth was really traumatic that probably hasn't helped you feeling uncomfortable with doctors being in that area :-/ thank you for heloping me, hope yoi don't mind me asking questions on yoir thread x x 

Hi girls I had CIN ii i had Lletz yesterday under GA it really was nothing to worry about and im a real wuss when it comes to hospitals. I was in theatre all of 45mins including going to sleep and waking up to a sandwich. i was in hospital at 8am and out by 12.30pm. I would do it all over again tomorrow if i had to. Nurses were lovely i didnt have the best colposcopy appointment as they didnt talk to me or explain anything and im glad i opted for GA but everyone is different. Please dont worry as i did for all this time and there was no need to. Ive had a couple of stomach craps but nothing major and a little bit of spotting but taken a couple of days of work as i have slept a lot after the GA. good luck xx

I bet after tomorrow I'll be saying the same Harri, once you've gone through it it's never half as bad as you imagine but still doesn't stop your mind going into overdrive till it's over :-/ glad yours is done now and you didn't find it too bad, it's really reassuring to hear x x 

I was the same i was up at 4.30am worrying and nearly making myself sick didnt talk to my other half all the way to hospital which i nearly had to walk as didnt have enough diesel!! Few deep breaths and you will be chuffed you did it. I know what your going through. Good luck tomorrow be thinking of you xx

Kh27 your not being a muppet at all, I was more terrified getting the letter about cin than I was finding out I had cc. I found the waiting around and not knowing was by far the worst bit so I completely understand the situation your in. Now I know I can accept it and get on with things. I have stage 1a1 which is completely treatable. I just have to have something called a cone biopsy to remove the area and (hopefully) bobs your uncle, fertility still in tact, lucky escape :). The reason they didn't see this on the screen is because the area is so small at this stage it can only be seen under a microscope. Less than 1% of women find out they have cc after an abnormal smear so it's very unlikely. But I was the same as you, convinced it was cc and so I prepared myself for that news just in case and since finding out I feel more lucky that it's getting sorted at such an early stage than anything else. At the end of the day none of us know what's in store for us we just have to take it in our stride and focus on the positives :). Would be good to hear how you get on with your results if you feel comfortable sharing. Xxxx

Hi B'321, I really don't mind you asking anything on this thread- actually welcome it!! Good luck for tmw (or today?- it's 4am!), please do let us know how it goes xxx. Harri, it's good to hear from someone who's been through the ga- was this because you had a large area removed? Jojo84, did you have the dysis machine at your colposcopy and can you remember what image looked like? There seemed to be a lot of white on mine to indicate higest grade- i wd say 2 patches of 1cm each. I'm driving myself mad over this, as i say, it's 4am and despite drinking a bottle of wine last night, here i am on the laptop. Better than lying awake in bed thinking i can feel things wrong with me though- did u have any symptoms Jojo84? I'm going to try to go back to sleep, gonna feel rough as rags tmw- dunno about giving me pills, dr will prob section me!! xx