Pain after LLETZ

hi girls, I'm new to this forum and was just looking for s bit of advice.  Did any of you still experience pain/cramps a week after the LLETZ procedure was done?  Many thanks xx

Hiya yes I had pain and cramps for about 2-3 weeks after. 

eeekkkkk!! really? not sure I can suffer this for another 2 weeks! I'll be pulling my hair out by then. lol xx

hiya it definately got much less for me in the 3rd week and i felt like if i did to much physically it made the cramps much worse in the evenings so i found that if i relaxed and didnt do alot at all the pain wasmuch easier. I hope it doesnt last to long for you.

Thanks, I think your definately right there tho, when Iv been out and about and walking about a lot the pain is definately worse.  Yesterday morning I thot I felt much better and didn't have a great deal of pain - but I wasn't doing anything and was just at home, then I went out and did the shopping later in the afternoon and the pain was back!  Thanks for replying, Im really glad I found this site, so many things that the clinic never told me about that Iv found out here. xx

hiya, that was exactly the same with me,i felt better some days and just did the normal things i did before lletz and really suffered for it that evening so im guessing that normal, i phoned the nurse and she said remember you have had surgery and listen to your body so this must be normal for some people, everyone seems to recover at different paces and ive read some people go back to work the next day with no problems at all, lucky them ay! 

this site really is amazing, ive learnt so much and its also great to read others stories from people who are going through it. I got really sick of my friends saying 'oh my brothers girlfriends friends sister had that, your be fine' lol 

Lol kandycrash, that really made me laugh as the few ppl that I HAVE  spoke to about having gone thru this whole ordeal have all had the same to say - 'I know someone that's had it done, there really wasn't much to it - you'll be fine, it's nothing at all to worry about'.  Oh REALLY!!!!!  Maybe it's just me but to be honest Iv found it ALL to be a massive worry, and will continue to worry until that envelope drops thru the letterbox saying it's all fine. Hence the reason I'm up half the bloody night and can't sleep! Anyway had to go to doctors on friday, it turns out Iv got an infection and that's why the pain was getting worse Instead of be better!!! xxxb