Others who are CIN2 after leep results?

Just wondering those of you who are CIN2 after the leep were your results cancer ? I'm freaking out just had my leep yesterday and awaiting results 

Hi Stina,

I am CIN 2 too, when I had my LLETZ done much consultant said that this is not a cancer. But I read someone's story on this forum there they had CIN 2 and it turned out to be a cancer. I am not sure how, as there is still CIN 3 and only then cancer.... cin 2 means that the cells didn't go that far to invade the walls of the cervIX.... it is all very confusing. But I don't think there is big chance of this being a cancer.  

I am waiting for my results. It seems like I had lletz ages ago but it's only been over a week. Did you receive your results yet ?