Borderline to CIN2

Hi all. 


I had my smear test is feb which came back as borderline. I then has a colposcopy in March which they thought was CIN1.

yesterday I received the results of CIN2 and now have to have lletz on Friday. 

Does this mean it has progressed this quickly? 


Hiya! I doubt it, it's more likely the smear didn't pick up the cin. I had borderline then cin1 then cin2 just like you and had lletz 2 weeks ago, however at the lletz the doctor said it looked more cin1 than cin2. So I guess it's a fine line between 1 and 2. Please don't worry yourself, I was dreading the procedure but it was actually fine, not the funnest thing in the world but not painful and it was over in no time! The doctors were also very reassuring that cin1/cin2 really isn't cancer and the lletz won't show cancer either. I think cin3 run a risk but not us. Good luck xxx