Numb thighs


I'm 3 months post RH and still have a numb area at the top of my thighs. Is this likely to go away? It's not a big problem, it just freaks me out sometimes when I forget.


Hi Meraud

Its really quite common, I had trouble with my right thigh and and a lady I'm friendly with has the same.

When I asked the consultant they said during the operation they get very close to tendons when they go for our clear margins so its possible to get slight damage. 

I'm 12 months post op now and I'd say it took till about 10 months for it to get nearer to normal. My friend is at a similar stage as you and still numb. 

It's normal for our operation and hopefully should improve over time xxx


Hi Helen

Thanks for your response. It would be nice for it to improve but its something I can live with if not. The only other lasting effect from the op is that my bladder is a bit slow to empty, but again it's nothing life changing. 



Hi Meraud 

I think you'll gradually improve in both during the next few months, I did. I use to get a sort of crampy feeling as I was getting to end of emptying my bladder, that faded too. I don't know if we will ever be perfect again, but little niggles improve and are liveable as you say xx