Pain in thigh, pelvis after rad hys & Lymph removal


I'm now 13 days post op, and having a lot of numbness/pain in my right side top of both my thighs, and in particular my right side of pelvis. It's like the feeling you get when pins & needles are about to come back, but constant. Am I the only one? I went to have my catheter removed last Monday, but they found a bladder infectiom, and my bladder wouldn't empty, even after 6 hours of weeing. I'm struggling with the limitations I have, and not knowing what the issue is with the legs. My surgeon said, it is likely to be some nerve damage, when i told him three days after op, but I had no idea, it would be so painful. My right side has swollen up today, and I am back to Hosp Monday to hopefully have catheter removed. My children have just come back home, after two weeks apart, and I don't want to have to go to hosp before Monday but I am worried about swelling, any advice would be great x

Hi Sylvia 

Sorry to hear you are feeling pain. I have had achey pains everywhere that come and go. I hope you feel better soon.  

lots of love 



i too had similar pains in the lower back and thighs.  The numb feeling I get is around my back end, I have nerve damage to the lower bowel so going to the loo is an interesting experience.  From my experience if it does not go or seems to be getting worse, please listen to your body and speak to the docotor or CNS.  

Hugs for the pain x