Numb but painful side & thigh after radical hysterectomy & lymph removal

Hi all

I had a laparoscpoic radical hysterectomy and lymph node removal 2 weeks ago.  A few days after surgery I had really bad swelling and bruising on my left side/hip.  My gp said it was just extreme bruising.  It went quite hard and swollen and the yellow colour and swelling spread over the whole of my left side and round to my back and down my left thigh.  The swelling has now gone down a lot and is a lot softer but I have the strangest sensation.  My skin, especially on my thigh feels kind of numb but at the same time feels super sensitive and hurts when anything touches it.  I was meant to have my 2 week follow up today and results and was going to ask then but results aren't back.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Could it be nerve damage? Or lymphodaema?  Or just normal healing?  I will be speaking to my key worker but thought somine here may have ahd the same thing



I had something similar almost 4 years ago now. It has very slowly improved, but I still have an area of my thigh which is a bit numb. I was reassured that it was some nerve damage and nothing more serious than that. 

I had the same after my operation and it was especially worse on one thigh. I'm one half years post operative and the numb strange feeling is still there although not painful like it was. I would ask your gp about it and see if they can try you on some anitriptalene which may calm it down a bit. I tried it for a couple of months and it improved the pain feeling quite a lot and now it just feels a bit numb although it is still improving - just taking a long time!  I know exactly how you'll be feeling though as it's a horrid feeling but I'm sure it'll improve for you but it takes a while for nerves to heal. Take care and hope you it improves soon for you. :-)

Thanks for your replies ladies

The swelling and hardness has all gone but the strange sensation is still there.  At my follow up my surgeon said he thought it was from the extreme bruising and swelling and it should go but it feels like it's more permanent to me.  It's feeling better than it was but it's still there.  I might see what my gp has to say.  It's so annoying!!!!

I would ask them if they can prescribe you something to numb the pain. It's such a weird feeling isn't it? You don't usually put numbness and pain together in a feeling yet it genuinely is the 2 combined.  I found if something gently rubbed over the area it was really painful yet if you pushed harder down on it, then it didn't really hurt as much. Hopefully you can get sorted soon.  Take care :-) 


I know this post is old but hopefully someone may reply.

I had radical hysterectomy with lymph node dissection, and removal of one ovary 4 weeks ago now.

When I first came out of hospital I really struggled with a stiff right leg couldnt hardlylift it, this eased after a few weeks, but 3 days ago I had quite alot of pain in my groin and leg and the right side of my pubic area.

Has anyone else suffered this? I keep seeing it can be nerve damage or lymphatic fluid gone hard or something?

any help would be appreciated!I was feeling quite good until this started

I had the same surgery on February 13, 2019 with the exception of I kept my ovaries. I have pain and numbness on my right leg and pelvic area. It is the strangest pain. My doctor keeps trying to reassure me that it is normal. All of my pathology results came back normal and I’m cancer free for now. I feel as if I have nerve damage though. I don’t have any answers for you but thought I’d let you know someone else is in the same boat as you. I’m calling my doctor on Monday to get checked out again. 

I am going through this right now as well. I am almost two weeks post op and it was coming and going tingling, pain, numbness. It now feels like it has spread more of groin area and into high upper thigh. Always has been only my right side. I had a post op incision infection and Dr looked at around area and felt around for signs of hematoma (in case a blood clot) but she said all is clear and soft and should feel better each week. They mentioned doing so much with that side of groin / leg and that it could have been clamped there down to the table and be very sore for awhile. I think it’s all related to nerves. I trust others when they say pain will dissipate and it will feel better ! I will definitely ask oncologist about this when she calls me with pathology reports and I will have her check me over again at my 6 week check up apt ;) I will keep you posted what she says :) good luck ladies !