Numbness in inner thigh

Hi Ladies


Just wondering if any of you ladies have been left with a numbness in the inner thigh, I have a patch at the top of my leg, where it joins my pubis area.  Infact that whole area is very sensitive now.  

Emma x

Hi Emma,

The top of my thighs were numb in patches for around 3ish weeks after surgery.  I'm 7 weeks post sugery now and it has gone back to normal. I didnt think too much about it as I had read that this could happen.  Though check it out with your consultant if it is worrying you. Tess xx

Hi Tess

The numbness is teamed with like a prickly pain, very sensitive (sound odd I know), my op was two weeks ago yesterday, you have given me hope that it will sort its self out.  Thanks for replying.

Emma x

I had a numb bum for a while, especially when I first woke up. It faded and disappeared after a couple of weeks though.

I have a numb patch on my upper right thigh and inside of my left leg. I’m just over 8 weeks post op… It’s got better. My consultant said it was normal … And from nerve damage in the op. although it’s still there I don’t notice it at all x

Hi EmJess 

How are you doing, I get my results monday I am so nervous x

hi Emma

i have numbness but around my pubic area not on my thighs, i seem to remember a similiar sensation after my c-section but not too worried.

good luck for tomorrow...


Hi Emma,

I had 57 lymph nodes removed in a separate operation before my hysterectomy (long story) and it was that op that caused the same symptoms you describe. My consultant said that it was a common side effect when a lot of nodes have been removed and I think you had quite a few taken as well?

I am 8 months post op now and while it has improved a lot, I still have numb skin on my right leg and a line of nerve pain down the thigh. The feeling varies from tingling, to needles, to electricity to feeling like an ice cube is being run along my leg. Consultant said it could take up to a year or so to heal so I'm trying not to worry about it.

On the positive side, most ladies seem to get over it much more quickly than that, so let's hope you're one of the lucky ones.xxxx