Not sure post LLETZ

I’ve just joined this site, feel a bit funny posting into the abiss, but pleased to see women helping each other out :slight_smile:
I had a LLETZ procedure one week ago today (16/8) under General Anaesthetic. I unfortunately had to go in later that night as I was bleeding excessively and passing large clots (sorry, I know).
This knocked me around a fair bit in conjunction with recovering from the GA and I was quite drained.
I’m just wondering now whether my recovery is normal. I’ve had the odd cramping pain here and there which is fine. But my discharge is quite heavy, I’m getting through roughly two small pads each day; it’s chalky and yellowish and watery. I can’t tell whether it smells or not. It’s not pleasant, but I feel like any discharge has an odd smell? I’m worried people around me can smell it as by the end of the day whatever I’m wearing needs to be washed.
Sorry. A pretty gross post.

Hiya Lnicole, 

I had lletz the day after you, and awaiting the results. I was told that bleeding and heavy discharge is normal, so I'm hoping this will be the same for you. What did they say at A&E?

Im concerned as I have had no bleeding (the complete other way hey!) I've have had dark yellowish heavy discharge And tiny tiny black ash like spots almost like pepper (sorry if tmi). I guess we have to just go along with what ever comes out, differ healing pattern and probably affected where we are at in our cycles. 

And don't worry about other people, I'm sure they won't notice a thing. ive been changing my pad like 9 times a day, a little bit out of fear and just because it makes me feel better/cleaner.

I hope your results come through soon! The wait is horrible!

Love Emma X