LLETZ queries

hi all


literally just after joining tonight!! thank  for google!  Tongue Out I've just had my first lletz 5 days ago. I was initially going to have cold coagulation but consultant said the cells looked more high grade than my previous CIN1 result from the biopsies. I even saw it myself on the little screen and I knew it didn't look like a normal cervix! The procedure itself was fine overall. Just felt really long. Had 5 Local anaesthetic injwctions and a really cheeky blood vessel that kept bleeding in the end but they eventually got it under control. My only query now is (and sorry for the tmi lol) I've brown/sometimes pinkish watery discharge but I'm after noticing it smells kinda burnt? Its reminding me of the smell of the loop used to zap off the dodgy cells!! :P is this normal or am I going mad? It's definitely not foul smelling. And just curious to hear how everyone's recovery was afterwards? im 25 and had my first smear back in December so everything is obviously all new to me! Thanks ladies :)


I think a lot of people notice a kind of burning/burnt smell. I didn't have that myself but I've heard it said a few times. After reading up and speaking with the nurses on the day, I expected a smell but never got one! 

I'm two weeks and 5 days after LLETZ and my recovery is pretty good, still bleeding but it's quite light, and has been all the way through to be honest. I haven't had any 'waters breaking' type bleeds or any clots. Just thin, pinkish brownish discharge. Hoping it'll stop soon but who knows! I've found the whole process not to be bad at all, although I am still nervously waiting for my results! I've avoided exercise (although I did fall down the stairs 4 days afterwards so maybe a little gymnastics there!) and that's the thing that's bugging me most, that I can't keep fit. 

I must say, everyone's experience is different and I'm sure your GP wouldn't object to a phone call if you worried about anything :) happy healing!