LLETZ this morning

Hi all,

Had LLETZ this morning which I can’t say I enjoyed, treatment itself was OK but the injections were unpleasant think they gave me adrenaline too so my heart raced all limbs shook and I ended up bursting into tears from pure panic. I had a medical student in too so felt so stupid for crying but I couldn’t help it body just took over. Anyway they removed about a 2-3cm circle and it was over the whole entrance of my cervix (I think) rather than just one side. I took painkillers as soon as I got out of hospital as that’s what the nice advised. Would the anesthetic have worn off by now (left hospital at 12) as I’ve had no pain just a slight pressure/heaviness to the entrance of my vagina. Seem to be leaking a yellow/pink fluid with black grit (TMI sorry!!) Which I guess is all normal

Sorry for the essay, now let the 4weeks waiting commence!

Glad to hear it went OK! I remember the adrenaline made my legs funny when I was trying to walk afterwards. The discharge is normal it's just from the solutions they use etc. Good luck with the results xxx

Hi Jojo84,

Thanks for your reply, is it normal to have no bleeding and no pain? I know I shouldn't complain but I've felt fine.



I had lletz two weeks ago and I've had no pain either, I had bleeding because my period came the day after, but since the end of my period I've had just a little bit of watery blood xx

Hi I also had lletz 2 weeks ago. My experience was similar, the actual procedure was not too bad really just the injections which were painful and caused me to feel very hot and my heart was racing. I've had constant dull lower abdo pain since like very bad period pain. I lost watery fluid for the first week then have been bleeding red blood since but I do think this could be my period. 

Ive also been extremely tired partly because I'm not sleeping well, the waiting part is the worst! 

Hope you continue to feel well

take care 

Jen xxx

I assume it's normal to feel tired then? I'm shattered for no reason. Also bit of TMI however is it normal for there to be a smell to the discharge I find it offensive it is a very strong smell of metal it's really overpowering and making me feel dirty and paranoid...

I hope the wait for you both is not very long and your results are all clear. I struggled waiting 2 weeks for the results from the colposcopy bad enough

I'm the same constant lack of energy. I had a bit of a smell initially bit like a less intense version on the burning smell after the LLETZ. My bleeding has actually stopped today just a little bit when I go for a wee and the dull abdo ache seems to be subsiding. If it is getting bad though hun I'd get your GP to check for an infection. Just to give you peace of mind.

let me know if I can help with anything else

take care


I had my lletz on Thursday gone...my doctor did it there and then as he suspected CIN3. Is it normal to bleed bright red blood? Or could that be my period xxx

Hi meggybear1, I believe it's normal to bleed straight after and for up-to 4weeks after treatment. I hope your treatment went OK and you're feeling well (apart from the bleeding) xx

Thanks for replying. I didn't know if it was normal to be bright red that's all xxxx

Yes surprisingly this is another common one! I remember thinking I'd got really lucky with no bleeding but after about 10 days it all started. I didn't really have any pain at all though. So just make sure you take it easy even if you feel OK :) xxx

If you’re concerned I would suggest you see your GP just incase x