after lletz?

hi before i begin i apologise i feel like a drama queen!

i had the lletz procedure done on the 10th i was on a period at the time and had my coil removed during the procedure.i bled very heavily from the offset and put this down to my period but 2 days after having it done i had to go back to the hospital and have my cervix cauterized this didnt work and the day after had to be cauterized again. i still feel unwell am in pain both in my lower back and stomach though the bleeding did settle down (changed to a watery bleed then a brown ashy discharge) today though i have had fresh blood spotting and the brown/red thick discharge is getting heavier. My question is to all going through the same is this normal or am i over reacting? as i said earlier i feel like a drama queen but i am worried and feel like i am on an emotional and physical rollercoaster.

thank you to anyone who could give advise

Hi I think what you are going through is normal in terms of the bleeding. 

You are not a drama queen at all, everyone using this forum is just doing so to reassure ourselves. I have found it so helpful to hear everyone's advice and stories.

 I had  lletz almost 3 weeks ago, just watery discharge occasional black bits for a week then when I went back to work and did more activity had heavier bleeding. Just had my period, lasted three days, nothing yesterday but have looked at other posts and will not be lulled into a false sense of security and will keep my big girl pants for a while! 

In terms of the pain if that's not easing maybe you have an infection? But again I think everyone is different , my pain post lletz only lasted a few hours. 

Keep positive, you are no drama queen! We are all the same! 

Take care Hx

thank u so much for your reply, i am feeling much better today gave myself a kick up the backside last night. i think a lot of it is the worry waiting for that dreaded phone call as my sister and several other members of my family have all had cc but i havent told them whats happening with me as not to worry them so cant ask the questions either. so glad u feeling ok im going back to work myself next week so hopefully will have something else to occupy my mind. once again many thanks makes all the difference been able to talk to someone about it x