Normal smear but urgent colposcopy referral


Bit unsure about posting here, did google stuff and scared myself, found this page so am giving it a go. I had a smear test in April 2018 came back clear, referred to GP as bloody discharge, heavy and painful periods, pain during and after sex, bleeding after sex and abdominal pain.  Had these symptoms for years but they have got significantly worse over last six months. Had TV scan which found a tiny 1cm womb polyp and then saw gynae consultant, they didn’t examine me just went on GP referral and what I told them and referred me for Hysteroscopy, biopsy and Mirena coil fitted, all of which i am due to have next month.  

I‘m confused because each medical person tells me my cervix looks fine thankfully, it bled during last exam with GP and now my GP has referred me for an urgent colposcopy. She has been amazing and said it’s precautionary but I don’t understand why still as it’s fine?

Also I had traumatic sexual assault as a child and idea of stirrups absolutely terrifies me, explained to gynae and they agreed to knock me out for the hysteroscopy.  That still scares me as I won’t know what happens to me.

Not really sure why I’m posting as I’m not ill, I guess I just want some advice if anyone can help?  Thank you