No information, what do I do?

Hello, I've never posted here and recently joined Jo's in late April. 

I had a shocker the day after my 29th birthday, after being told my recent smear swab was lost I was booked in for a second smear only to get a call from the hospital wanting to book an urgent colposcopy. Finally results came via post and I was found to have high grade (moderate) cells changes with HPV +. A week later I had two biopsies taken and am waiting for the results. The nurse told me it's likely to be CIN2 and I'll have the option of LLETZ or waiting. That's all I know. 

I wasn't worried for the first few days but it's started to sink in and my assumption of LLETZ and what would be taken away was drastically different from the images on treatments pages here. From reading the other forums it seems you only get 6 months to recover or you'll end up with LLETZ anyway. 

I'm already high risk during pregnancy due to a random blood clot in my arm at 25. I'm really bad with hospitals and procedures, they cause me unbearable stress! I don't want to risk blood clots, mid term miscarriage or cervical stitches all during pregnancy but I also haven't had any professionals talk to me about my next steps and what they mean for the future.

I had a termination 18months ago despite being with my long term partner and fiancé, we didn't fell ready, still had a lot of renovation to complete and would have been due right on top of our wedding (which thanks to covid messed up anyway) it's been really hard recovering from my abortion and we are still very regretful and pained by it. Although we are still buying ourselves time to have kids with the potential risks we are questioning should we do it now with CIN2 and then afterwards I'm good for whatever treatments I need.

Does anybody have any advice?  

Hi Megan,


I think this is definitely something to discuss with your GP as it's so personal to you and so medically based, it would be hard for people to comment and give advice here.


There's also the hrlpine you can call to talk through your options and to help you understand a little more before making a decision.


It's such a lot to have to process. Good luck x

Hi, thanks for commenting. You are probably right. I keep meaning to call the helpline, my GP didn't seem to want to be involved when I received the results so reluctant to reach out to them.