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Please can someone enlighten me. 9.5 wks of constant mild cramping feeling in one area (felt like mild period pain that wasn’t) after smear. (Result is Hpv + with no abnormal cells, apoarently!) No answers as to what caused this. Pain was worse when I needed the toilet. Has anyone who has been diagnosed with abnormal cells, CN1 etc experienced this pain after a smear? I’m wondering if they’ve missed something, and therefore I need to have a private smear test? No discharge. Scans for ovarian cancer, fallopian tubes etc, blood test all clear. I can’t find any answers to the cause anywhere, please help x

hi @Goodhealth

i noticed you hadnt had a reply so thought i would jump on

i dont have any answers as to why you are experiencing pain, but it wouldnt be anything to do with abnormalities if on the rare chance they did miss something, cell changes are asymptomatic so we only become aware of them if/when they are picked up by a smear test… both CIN and early CC have been proven to have no symptoms that accompany it

i hope you can get to the bottom of your pain xx

Hi, thank you so much for replying, Your words of reassurance are very comforting to my frazzled mind! I’m wondering if my recent blood test of low progesterone could be the cause as I’m perimenopausal apparently. Would you know anything about hormones and hpv, as I think it’s strange how so many women have an hpv flare up around the menopause. I’ve also seen some studies have been taken whereby low progesterone can aid cervical cancer (just as high estrogen can aid breast cancer (I’m not a doctor and I only know this from Dr. Google) Wish vitamins, hormones and normal GP could come together for better understanding of disease!

there is evidence of long term exposure to hormonal contraception’s that could increase the risk of CC, normally its the combined pill or progesterone, but they dont think its drop in hormones in menopausal women that activates it… HPV is controlled by our immune system with us getting older things start to decline and our immune systems become weaker, as our immune systems were strong enough to keep the virus from activating before or keeping it at bay, the once dormant infection becomes active when our immune systems take a hit…

that being said though, it doesnt mean the immune system isnt strong enough to push it back into dormancy again, its just when our immune systems take abit of a beating that we may have a reactivation… think of it like the chickenpox virus, it goes dormant after clearance but later in life in some it can come raging back as shingles with that risk increasing by the age of 50

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