Smear results and ongoing symptoms

I don’t expect a diagnosis but I would like to know if anyone has ever been in a similar situation as I am getting depressed about the whole thing.
About a month ago I had a bright vivid blood discharge two weeks after my period and started having a low abdominal pain that since hasn’t budged. It’s been a month of constant dull ache that seems to be localized on my low abdominal area although it’s been around my belly button at times. I had urine, stool and blood samples taken and only the urine showed as needing doing again (I’m going tomorrow) as it contains blood and white cells.
i had a CT scan on my pelvic area, they didn’t seem to think anything was weird but they showed me a small fibroid. They told me it was too small to cause this persistant pain. My smear test was booked routinely before these symptoms arrived so I went to have this done along sti screening. The results for STI were clear. No sign of infection for much.
I received my smear test results along an invitation for a colonoscopy four days later (on Thursday) saying I have tested positive for HPV 18 and that small changes were noticed on my cells (low grade dyskaryosis).
i am beyond confused about what to think. I’ve read HPV doesn’t cause symptoms but could my cervix be inflamed because of it ? Could the fibroid be a tumor they mistaken for it would they know just by looking ? Would a fibroid even small causing this pain ? Like we tend to do I turned to Google and scared myself reading about cervical cancer. My mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer a week ago and I am mentally exhausted worrying about her (I live abroad) while being worried for myself. It’s just too much to take.

For reference I had a smear four years ago that was all clear.
i am 31 and would like children with my partner but at the moment getting intimate isn’t even an option because of the pain.

has anyone been in a similar situation ? Xx