New to this- CIN3


Very new to the forum and hoping I am posting in the right place. A bit of background;

Went to GP in March to have scheduled smear and discuss what I believe may be PCOS symptoms I felt I was having (serious bloating, skin bread outs, finding it really hard to shift weight no matter what I do, weight gain and just feeling slow and tired in general) she was quite dismissive and I left feeling not too great.

Two weeks later she called me to tell me my results showed some changes that needed investigation - believe she said CIN2 but cant actually remember. Refered for Colposcopy which was done early April, hospital gyn took a biopsy and said that cervix looked good. Results from the colposcopy came back as CIN3 lesion with LLETZ procedure advised. 

Last Wednesday I had the LLETZ done under general, been feeling ok since with usual light bleeding and black spots some discomfort which has eased as the week went on. Was called back to hospital today - just over a week since LLETZ where I was told that the CIN3 (high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion on notes) was present extensively at the endocervical edge and wider excision was strongly reccomended. Now I am to have a cone biopsy but this can't be done until I have healed from the LLETZ so will be done in around 5 weeks time.

I don't really know what my questions are for anyone reading. Just looking for someone who has has a similar experience and what happened? I fully expected the LLETZ to remove everything and i'd go back to focusing on finding out if I am having some PCOS symptoms and getting that treated. Now I have this nagging feeling that those symptoms are related to this CIN3 and that I actually have something more serious going on.  

I asked today what happens if the cone biopsy showed CIN3 still and my gyn who did LLETZ and is usually fab was quite dismissive and avoided going in to it. I feel he didnt want to go down that road with me unless we needed to but I'm a planner. If I can process it before hand and do my research then I find it much easier to deal with anything. 

I am 30 have had regular smears and never anything abnormal, married with 3 children and had the HPV vaccination in my early 20's while in Australia as they were just giving it out and I had it done without even really looking in to it. I had already been sexually active so I guess already infected by then. So new to all of this and getting my info from google at the moment..

Thanks for reading my essay xx