New here- Children Mentioned


I'm new here and I'm a little nervous. I have had a roller coaster of a week with all the info I have been given from my doctor. 

I am 24 years old and when I was a teenager I had a lot of problems with cysts on my ovaries. I was told by different doctors that I would not have children. Fast forward a few years and my husband and I got pregnant. With my first pregnancy my pap came back abnormal and I was told I had HPV but that we would deal with it after my pregnancy and it would probably clear up on its own. I ended up moving and switching to a different OB and then became pregnant again. after both of my children were born in 2012 I got the IUD placed and my new OB hadn’t mentioned anything about my abnormal pap or the HPV and I honestly wasn’t concerned because she didn’t seem concerned. Anyways, I haven’t had problems with any cysts on my ovaries until a couple months ago as well as bleeding in between periods, heavier periods and some yucky increase of discharge. I finally pushed myself to call my OB; she said that she couldn’t get me in for a week and to go to my primary doctor if I was concerned. I was able to get into my primary doctor that day. He examined me and then panicked. He quickly told me that my cervix did not look okay and started asking about my "history" and wanted to know if I had any damage done to it. I told him no and then I remembered about my abnormal pap in 2010. He told me I needed to be seen by my OB as soon as possible, he also told me that my cervix should look like a “donut” and that my cervix looked like someone had “taken a bite out of my donut” (I think he was trying to put it into workds I could understand). After my appointment with him I contacted my OB and she confirmed that I did not have any damage to my cervix in my medical record and that she wanted me to come in first thing Monday morning. When I went in for her to see me she also examined me and confirmed that my cervix did not look healthy and that "it has the appearance of cervical cancer". My heart dropped. She tried to re-assure me. She did a pap and ordered an ultra sound for my ovaries. She said the pap would come back in a week and "I needed to be Zen until then".


I'm having a hard time being "Zen". I feel like I don’t understand and I don’t have any information to help me understand. She said that because of my pregnancies my abnormal pap and my HPV got lost in the mix. 

Hi Kara

Waiting for test results is awful as any of the ladies on this site will say.  However, for her to say they will come back in a week means you havent got too long to wait.  I had mine about 10 days after my biopsies were taken.

I can fully understand why your heart dropped.  It's that awful C word and my world just seemed to stop when I was told.  But, I was told almost a year ago now and I'm still here and feeling good which says that a diagnosis is not always as bad as what you think.

I had a Radical Hystercetomy and luckily it hadnt spread anywhere so I didnt have to have chemo or radiotherapy.  Please remember this is a very slow growing cancer - I was told it can take 10 years to grow.

You are being dealt with now which is the most important thing.  This is an awful time for you but you will get through it.  Try not to over worry, nothing has been confirmed yet.  Just try and keep yourself occupied, anything to stop your mind constantly thinking of CC.

Good luck with your results, let us know how you get on.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for responding to me. I am trying everything to stay positive and keep my mind off of it. Thank you for the encouragment! I will let you know as soon as I get my results back.