New and scared, please help

Hi! I am a terrified 25 year old seeking any advice or information I can. A little over three years ago a routine pap found abnormal cells as well as testing positive for HPV. I had a colposcopy one but refused a biopsy because I was 8 weeks pregnant and as a new mother I was unwilling to risk any procedure that may harm the pregnancy. Ill admit this was not the smartest move on my part. I was a perfect example of the invincibility fallacy. Fast forward three years, a healthy daughter, and much avoidance. I never followed up on my abnormal pap and most recently have experienced pain during intercourse, horrible periods, bleeding after intercourse, and much abdominal swelling. I went for another pap on Friday. My dr reported she could visually see lesions on my cervix with the naked eye. She also pointed out that the cotton swab lightly brushing my cervix caused it to bleed. My dr is waiting for the colposcopy tools to come in and reported she would schedule me as soon as they did. I asked her id I was too young for cancer and she more or less prepared me for the reality that it most likely is. In retrospect, I vividly remember an old boyfriend of mine that his ex-girlfriend was diagnosed with cervical cancer when we were together. I never put the pieces together. I am terrified any my doctor was incredibly vague. Does being able to see lesions with the naked eye a strong indicator of cancer? Is there any other explanation for these apparent lesions? I feel like I’m drowning in my own anxiety. Any insight, information, or support would be greatly appreciated. I’m needing honest, blunt  insight. 

i really feel for you,but till you have more test try not to worry.easy said than done i no. i went through something similar. i went to my gp because when my husband and I had intercourse i bled and this happened twice. she examined me and when she put clamp in she said she could see it.i asked her what and she said i would have to go for colposcapy urgently. i was seen in a week. i had a biopsy and had to wait for the my mind i new it was cancer. i prepared myself and my husband for the worst news. when the call came to go back i was petrified.unfortunately it was the dreaded cancer. the waiting is the worst.i had radical hysterectomy and fortunately it hadnt spread.i have been all clear 2yrs in July.try to be positive till all the tests are in.hope you go on ok.i will be thinking of you. xxl

thinking of you hope all is okx