Growths on cervix spotted at smear test...concerned!

Hi all. Not sure if I'll get any response as it doesn't look like many people are responding to posts, so fingers crossed!...

OK, I've always had issues..heavy painful periods from the get go, anorexia and abuse causing several missed periods and miscarriages in teenage. I've had 4 children (18,16,15&8). I had chlamydia once at 24. About 10 years ago a guy I slept with told me afterwards he had HPV. I had smears and sti checks and until now nothing has been untoward. 

I was having odd bleeding and pain a couple of years ago so doc ran tests and sent me for an internal scan. Nothing showed up (although I hadn't had a smear for a couple of years I didn't think to have one as had other tests). 

Went to family planning and have mirena coil put in two years ago as thought that would sort out the bleeding probs. It sort of did but I still have odd spotting, cramping, occasional bleeds after sex etc.they said cervix looked fine. Still didn't have my smear (I know, I'm bad!).

My mother and other members of the family (aunties and nan etc) all have had gynae and/or breast cancer in 30s so I know there's a genetic risk...and I smoke too (really need to quit!).

Anyway, went to have a smear yesterday and the nurse was really worried as I have several growths on my cervix (I've felt them since and they are very noticeable to the touch). She said smear results are taking up to 8wks to come back but I really need to be seen sooner. I would have thought she would recognise cysts etc and be able to say it could be that but she was asking some odd questions and saying she had not seen it before . she really insisted I see a doctor asap to look at what it could be and she looked worried too, like she didn't want to say too much.

I went to the receptionist and asked for the first available appointment...its in 5 weeks!!! 

I'm a full time carer for my disabled daughter and my health always comes last and I ignore so much but now I'm sitting thinking about other things that could be linked (back pain, kidney pain, needing to wee all the time, discharge and smells, tiredness, spotting, bloating, pain, the problems I was having before I probably masked them by having the coil put in! Etc)

What else can I do but wait for the gp appointment in 5 weeks? Do you think it would warrant trying for an urgent appointment? 

Thanks for reading x

Phone them back and ask for a urgent appointment.     You cannot wait 5 weeks to be seen by a GP.     You need a promt appointment to a gynecologist clinic.     Could be cysts but best to have this looked at sooner rather than later.


I totally agree with Flower Power. The nurse says you need to be seen asap so you need to say that to the receptionist. Sometimes you need to lay it on the line with them. As a full time carer it is hard sometimes to think about what you need, but now is the time to do that. good luck with it all.

Hey guys, thanks for your replies. I called the gps and explained and they said to call in on Friday for an urgent appt, which I did and thankfully got one. Saw the doctor who had a check and confirmed 'lesions' couldnt tell me what they could be but made urgent scan and colposcopy referrals. I got missed calls from the hospital from a few hours later and over the weekend, but I hadn't realised who it was and there was no voicemail. Got another call first thing Monday and they asked me to come in yesterday (Tuesday) at 9am. 

I had the scans and they didn't really tell me anything other than it looks as though there is another growth, possibly a polyp at the top of my cervix but the coil was in the way, and my ovaries look OK.

I could hear her talking about feeder arteries and she had a really good poke about for about 20 minutes internally and externally. I was too scared to ask any questions but assumed she had seen the growths and I guess it would've been fairly clear if they were cysts. She wondered why I hadn't had my colposcopy appt yet, but I kept repeating gp only referred me on Friday. She said I should hear from them really soon then and she would have her report ready.

Had awful cramps and pains since which hasn't been nice but hey ho. So today is Wednesday, and this morning the hospital called to book me in for the colposcopy on Monday afternoon. I could've gone Friday morning but my daughter has a science lesson and she really needs her routine as much as possible.

Thinking now a lot is probably already ruled out and I'm preparing myself for what might need to happen. Thankfully I've got an amazing partner now, and a very close family and group of friends who have all got my back. 

We will see where we go from here on Monday...thank you again for your replies x

Hello, Ive just came across your post. I hope your feeling okay, I havent really got any advice as im in the same position as you atm waiting to see colonoscopy after a lump was found during a smear. Ive had no symptoms or anything what would of made me go to the doctors myself. Ive gone through the motions, sick to my stomach with worry to now anger that my body hadnt given me any indication. 


I hope you are feeling better and got to the bottom of it xx