trying to calm my anxiety

Hi ladies.

I'm assuming most of us new users are here for pretty much the same reason - scared and anxious about results.

Here is my story to date:

I'm 31 with 3 live children, plus a still birth in 2015 between my youngest two.

At 15 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, and rarely got my period, maybe 2-3 times a year. Endometriosis was confirmed not long after, during my first laproscopy. I was put on the pill and remained on it until about 24.

During that 9-10 years I had another 5 laproscopy surgeries as well as pelvic inflammatory disease and a benign ovarian tumor.

I got pregnant with my first at 25 (naturally, thankfully) and haven't had many problems for the last 6 years while.i have been having children. However, my last pregnancy, after the stillbirth, was rather complicated, having issues with my placenta and baby's growth. I had ultrasounds weekly from 19 - 36 weeks when I was induced.

During the ultrasounds EVERYTHING was checked. Baby and myself. We had MANY tests, including STD checks etc, trying to work out what was wrong. Nothing was discovered, and negative for STD's.

My baby is now just over 7 months, but at around 5 months I started bleeding between periods, and heavier and longer after sex. I've had really horrible back/hip/leg and abdominal pain. At first I thought the pain was from my bowels, because I've been a bit back and forth between constipation and diarrhoea, but when the bleeding began I got concerned.

Even with all my history, the only time I spotted was at beginning if pregnancy or when my tumor had grown large.. This is definitely not normal for me.

So I went to the dr, who was convinced I had an STD, to the point of laughing at me when I assured him that my husband and I were both faithful, and continued to tell me to 'wait for the pap results.

Anyways, I returned to a female Dr to get my results, which is CIN2/3. 

I understand that this is not cancer, but also understand that this isn't a final diagnosis until the colposcopy.

I guess my concern is that I am already displaying most of the symptoms for cancer, and check a few of the risk factors. My dad died of cancer 4 years ago, and as much as Im trying not to think that way, I'm not ready to deal with all the hospital/Dr/medical crap again, and I'm sure my mum isn't either!


Hi, I'm im in my 30's with two children. Had a severe change smear invited in for colposcop. Was seen and treat and am currently waiting for results. My nan, no longer here, had cervical cancer and lung cancer. I am not certain that they are hereditar, if that's the correct term. Nethertheless all scary. xx