Cervix looks abnormal, PAP test.



I just had a pap test today and the doctor said my cervix looks abnormal. She showed me a picture of how it looks and said it looks like HPV but not to worry because the test results need to be done still to see if it's an abnormal or not. She said it could be cervical irritation as well and this has happened with women she's seen in the past.

I'm just concerned because she actually seen something. I put off getting a pap test for a couple years because I'm a virgin and kind of embarrassed to be and discuss it with a doctor. I figured my risk factors are low and a previous pap came back normal. I've always been good about keeping up with my health so it was shocking to find out that she seen something abnormal.

I won't get the results for over a week and I'm nervous but I know it could be nothing and I just need to wait to see the results.


Just wondering if anyone else has been through this?

Thank you