Upcoming Colposcopy Anxiety

Hi everyone, I'm new to this website but I've found some of the forums very helpful. Long story short; Kaiser had been on my case for a few months to make an appointment for a Pap Smear, and never having on before, I was reluctant to go through with one. I finally had the procedure done about a week and a half ago, std free, but my doctor told me my Pap AND HPV results were both abnormal. I don't really know the 411 on all these things as it has never been something I actively researched. Any info on how the Colposcopy procedure and what abnormal means would really be helpful. I'm 26, 27 on the 16th of Nov, and this ordeal has shattered mine and my husbands hopes of having children. Thanks for your time. -H

In the same situation. I had my smear results today and it says I have "low grade abnormalities and is HPV positive ". Haven't been myself since I opened the letter . I have my colposcopy appointment in about  4 weeks ( feels like eternity ) really worried. Anybody know what this means? And does the HPV clear after a while or just stays. Worried sick. Wish I could have my appointment  in a few days lol 4 weeks just seems like such a long wait :(. 


I've had many smears, all were fine until the last one in September, jumped straight to severe abnormalities! Went for the colposcopy end of Sept, it was fine, the consultant and nurse were so helpful and let me ask all the question that I wanted :) Its very similar to a smear, legs up in the air and speculum inside.  They look at your cervix with a microscope and there is a TV screen next to you so they can show you (if you want to look) what they see, they put a couple of solutions on your cevix that make the abnormal cells show up clearly too.  I opted to look at the screen and it did me a world of good, knowing exactly what was happening inside.  They also opted to treat there and then with a lletz procedure (cut out the abnormal cells) and showed me again on the screen so I could see all the cells had gone! Best thing I ever did going for the colposcopy, speaking to people who know this subject inside and out was fantastic.  But I agree prior to that the wait was horrendus! the letters give you so little info its impossible to not worry yourself sick!


Abnormal means there are changes to your cells, ask at the colposcopy, they drew me pictures of normal cells and what my cells were like.  Anything can cause them to change from contraceptive pill, smoking, drug treatment, hpv virus etc some will go on to turn cancerous if left untreated, others will not, as a safety net they will remove them all to be on the safe side :)


prior to my colposcopy appointment I cried down the phone to the unit, they got a nurse to call me back and answer my questions, do it! It really helped put my mind at ease :)


Best of luck in your future appointments xxx


Hi Holly M.H.

Abnormal smears can range from mildly abnormal which (even after going for a colposcopy) do not always need treating to 
severely abnormal which may need treatment - this can be done there and then at colposcopy or under GA.  This is graded from CINI (mild abnormalitites) to CINIII (high grade changes).  They are by no means cancerous so please do not assume the worst (I know it's difficult) 

12 years ago I had high risk HPV / severely abnormal CINIII and had all the bad cells removed under GA - I went on to have 2 very healthy (if not cheeky) little boys - so again please please do not write off your fertility based on abnormal cells - Infact it is very very common to have cell changes - just need to keep an eye on them.


I had the colposcopy procedure done on Tuesday, HSIS (?) I believe is what the Doctor told me was found from the PAP smear. He took 4 biopsies which were a little painful, but I have some Tylenol #3 from an ongoing Pulmonary Lesion causing chest wall pain, so that helped. My only fear is that my husband and I will have to wait  have children or God forbid not have any children. Thanks for the information JJ and Sheep, much appreciated.